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Lydia Melvin

Content Producer

Lydia Melvin is a Content Producer focused on tech reviews and producing podcasts and interviews with the tech scene’s rising stars.

Her work has been featured on sites like NoCode.Tech, AllThingsAI and Rockee.

Lydia specialises in AI tools related to video creation and podcast and frequently interviews their creators on her very own podcast, Business and Pleasure.

Logo of GPTGo
Research & Developement
September 15, 2023


A user-friendly AI search engine with ChatGPT integration.
Logo of BlueWillow
Art & Creative
August 8, 2023


BlueWillow is the "free Midjourney alternative" to generate images.
Logo of Homeworkify
Teaching & Learning
August 8, 2023


If you’re a student and struggle with completing your assignments, then Homeworkify is for you.
Logo of Magic Eraser
Image Editing
August 8, 2023

Magic Eraser

Magic Eraser allows you to erase all of the unwanted things from your images, nice and quick.
Logo of ElevenLabs
Speech & Language
June 13, 2023


ElevenLabs is building a text-to-speech software that allows users to create and clone voices using AI.
Logo of Playground AI
Image Editing
June 13, 2023

Playground AI

Playground AI is a free, online AI image creator with a range of features and a library of AI-generated images to help you create stunning visuals quickly and easily.
Logo of Tome
May 24, 2023


Tome helps you create and share beautiful, AI-powered stories with one click.