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Added: Nov 26, 2023

Chat with your favourite characters from TV, film, books and more.

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What does ChatFAI do?

Talk to your favorite, well-known characters with ChatFAI. ChatFAI is a conversational AI chatbot platform where you can build your own chatbots and engage with different characters from TV shows, films, books... You name them, you can talk to them!

ChatFAI was created for you to have meaningful conversations with your favorite people, and you can do this so easily. Simply, create an account, choose your character and get talking. If you can’t find the character you want to talk to, why not create them yourself? Include the character's name, profile picture, and short bio, and get chatting.

For me when it came to building your own character, I felt more details and options could have been included in this section. For instance, if you don’t include something in the bio, it won’t be picked up. It would be nice if ChatFAI gave you some prompts and inspiration for what to include in the bio section. I would have also liked to have seen a few drop-down options on character personality, traits, conversation types - to help bring a bit more depth and life to the character you’re creating.

ChatFAI do have a long list of different pre-made character categories that you can choose from, these include: AI assistance, Anime/Manga, Book, Cartoon, Comic, Education, Game, History, other, real person, religion, TV show and movies. You could really spend all day talking to lots of your favourite characters, which is pretty cool.

You can also build your own powerful chatbot with the help of ChatFAI API. They’ve got some super useful documentation on their site on how to do this quickly and easily.

Now, let’s talk about ChatFAI’s pricing plans. When you sign up, you automatically sign up to the free plan. Which includes 200 messages/month, limited memory, 4 simultaneous chats, create custom characters and access community characters. Which isn’t that bad for a free plan. Plenty of messages to really try out the platform and see how you feel before committing to a paid plan.

Now, if you’re happy with the free plan, but decide that 200 messages a month isn’t enough, try out one of the paid plans. These include, the Basic plan at $9/month. You’ll have 1500 messages a month, limited memory, 10 simultaneous chats, create custom characters and access to community characters. The Premium plan at $29/month, that includes the same as the Basic plan but with an increase of monthly messages to 5000. And finally the Deluxe plan $59/month, that includes everything in the Premium plan, but also with unlimited monthly messages and maximum memory. I don’t think these prices are too bad.

So, if you’re looking to engage with your favourite characters, why not give ChatFAI a try?

We Love:

  • Super easy to use!
  • An extremely large list of different characters to choose from

We Hate:

  • Lacking prompt direction
  • Seems a little lacking in the details


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Talk to anyone.
Talk to anyone.
Even the guys fromHarry Potter!
Even the guys fromHarry Potter!
Or why not learn a thing or to from the man himself?
Or why not learn a thing or to from the man himself?

Our Verdict on ChatFAI

If you’re intrigued by AI chatbot platforms but have never used one before, I’d suggest you start with ChatFAI. It’s a super simple platform that anyone can use. They’ve stripped everything back, so it really is as simple as picking your character and having a conversation with them.

It feels more ‘human-like’ than other chatbots out there which I really like. It’s nice to have a character to talk to instead of another no-named robot. ChatFAI is perfect for anyone new to the AI chatbot world, or anyone looking to mix up their current chatbot experience.

Compared Alternatives

  • Chai AI - With Chai AI you can chat to your characters anywhere, anytime as they have an iOS and Android app. They may offer an app, but their basic plan is more expensive than ChatFAI’s basic plan.
  • Anima AI - You can really bring your character to life with Anima AI’s chatbot by customising how your character looks - think Sims! Anima AI don’t offer a free plan or trial, so it might be best to stick with ChatFAI who have a great free plan!


  • AI character chatbot
  • Character chatbot creation
  • ChatFAI API


  • A gamer looking for inspiration.
  • A user wanting to engage with their favorite characters.

Insider Tips

  • If committing to a monthly membership isn’t your thing, you have the option to make a one-time payment of $35 to add 5000 messages to your current plan.
  • You can even add ChatFAI to your Discord server!

ChatFAI Pricing

Enjoy their complimentary features before scaling up with their affordable premium options.

Has Free Tier

Public Pricing

Enterprise Plan

Double Check Pricing

*Last Updated: Nov 28, 2023


Limited Features / Credits

250 messages per month

10 simultaneous chats

Create custom characters




8% off with Annual plan

1500 messages per month

20 simultaneous chats




16% off with Annual

Unlimited messages

Maximum memory


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