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Added: Nov 27, 2023

Undetectable AI is an AI content detector and rewriter.

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What does Undetectable AI do?

A lot of us now use AI-generated content, why shouldn’t we? It saves us time, it helps us be more productive and 9/10 of ten the generated content is pretty decent. But, with the rise of AI content comes the increase of AI content detectors. Platforms created to pull you up on your AI-generated content. Now, this is where Undetectable AI comes in. Undetectable AI helps you bypass these detectors by maintaining a natural and human-like quality. It’s a powerful tool.

With registration you receive 250 free words to test out the platform. I imagine you’ll get through that quite quickly, so don’t stress. Undetectable do offer paid plans, so you’ll be able to get back to testing out your text. Now, when it comes to the plans, Undetectable AI are doing it differently. Instead of paying an amount each month for a plan that may not fully be suitable, the Undetectable AI let you pick how many words per month you need and give you a price for that. For example, if you reckon 10,000 words per month will do you, that will set you back $9.99/per month. If you’re writing a novel, maybe 80,000 words would be more suitable, this will cost you $64/per month. No matter how many words you end up going for, you’ll still have access to email support, writing level matching, high quality, legible content and much more included in the plan. It really feels like Undetectable AI is working with you and not against you.

When it comes to testing your copy and checking for AI, this is super easy to do. Copy and paste your text and agree to the terms of service. Here, you can either ‘Check for AI’ or ‘Humanize’ the text. Check for AI will run through your text and assess the likelihood of AI. You’ll be shown a range of different AI platforms (OpenAI, Writer, Copyleaks etc), and depending on the colour of that platform you’ll be able to understand if anything has been detected. Red means it’s been flagged that the text is 0% human, Orange is 50% human and Green is 100% human. A super quick and easy way to understand if your text will be flagged by the AI detectors out there.

Once you’ve tested out where your text is coming out on the detection scale, try clicking on ‘Humanize’. This is where Undetectable AI will add more of a human touch to your text, making it fly under the detector’s radar. It’s pretty cool! You can even customise this to fit the tone of voice that you want to achieve. You can change the readability from high school all the way up to Doctorate and more. You can even specify the purpose of the text so if you’re writing a business paper or cover letter, you’re covered.

Overall, Undetectable AI is fairly accurate when it comes to rewriting your content to pass AI detection. It provides a pretty good picture of whether or not your text passes AI detection and shares copy alternatives, so you can fly through detection plain sailing.

We Love:

  • Easy to use
  • Watermark free!
  • Generally passes major AI detection section

We Hate:

  • Only supports English
  • Output may need editing


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Share your copy and see if anything can be detected!
Share your copy and see if anything can be detected!
Right, it was written by AI, Undetectable AI can help you out
Right, it was written by AI, Undetectable AI can help you out
It makes sense why it’s call Undetectable AI…
It makes sense why it’s call Undetectable AI…

Our Verdict on Undetectable AI

Undetectable is a great piece of kit, specially if you use an AI generator a lot for your work.

Not only does it let you know if AI has been detected in your copy, it also works it’s magic and will rewrite the text for you, so it will bypass AI detectors by turning the AI copy into indistinguishable human-written text. It will save you so much time, you no longer have to spend hours editing the text, just get Undetectable AI on the job.

Try out the 250 free words to get a real feel for the platform, you won’t regret it!

Compared Alternatives

  • HideMyAI - offer a pay-as-you-go option, so you don’t have to fully commitment to a monthly plan. HideMyAI is missing a AI checker, so I’d recommend you stick to Undetectable AI, so you can understand where your text is going wrong.
  • WordAI - is here to help the businesses. With WordAI you can Amplify your content, extend your budget and scale your business. Unfortunately the payment plans aren’t s good as Undetectable’s customisable plan.


  • AI content detector
  • Readability level assessment
  • Readability vs human scale


  • A SEO Manager wanting to improve website ranking
  • A journalist wanting to improve the quality of their work

Insider Tips

  • When you sign up you receive 250 tokens for free, make sure to use them wisely!
  • Undetectable AI has an API that you can integrate easily into your solution. They even have documentation for you to follow, so it’s all smooth sailing.

Undetectable AI Pricing

Delight in complimentary features, luxuriate in top-tier perks, all visible in public pricing!

Has Free Tier

Public Pricing

Enterprise Plan

Double Check Pricing

*Last Updated: Nov 28, 2023


Limited Credits

250 Characters

High-Quality content

Passes AI Detectors




0% off with Annual plan

10k Words

API access




45% off with Annual

380k Words

Writing level matching

Undetectable AI Q&A

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