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Added: Nov 07, 2023

Generate high quality, non-existent stock people imagery with LucidPic.

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What does LucidPic do?

Do you need to use images of people in your marketing? Maybe you’ve encountered challenges when it comes to navigating model release forms, and security and privacy laws that come with it. It can be tough to obtain approval of image usage and it can really slow things down. Or maybe you have a vision of someone in your head, but you can’t seem to find the right model to move forward with…

Say hello to LucidPic. LucidPic is an AI image generator platform that allows you to generate high-quality stock images of people who don’t exist, talk about wild! You can generate the perfect person for your needs. Customize their clothing, hair length, age, pose, and emotion, you get the gist! It feels like you’re building your very own SIM. You can even pick the photo style, from standard to cinematic or candid to fantasy (this is included in the Pro membership).

To do this, you will have to sign in with a Google account but once you have, you can get straight to generating the perfect character. It’s extremely easy to do and I didn’t find it complicated at all. Once I was happy with the customizations, I clicked ‘generate character’ and 30 seconds later, there was my perfect person! I was extremely impressed with the quality of the generated image. How had an AI just created a real human being?! Nothing felt off about the image at all. It was highly detailed, included all of my customizations, and just felt completely real.

I was pretty blown away by the quality and precision of the generated image. But, there are a few things that I feel need a little improvement. For instance, the options in the customization categories are quite limited. When it came to customizing the hair, you could only pick the hair length (short, medium, long), you couldn’t pick the style. When it comes to picking the expression, you can only pick from 5 different emotions. It would be great to see LucidPic add even more options to play around with.

They do have an ‘Custom prompts’ tool that allows the user to include custom keywords to alter the image, but this feature is only included in the Pro membership. Another feature I like is the ‘Your Character’ history page. Here, you can keep an eye on all of the characters you have generated in the past.

When it comes to pricing, LucidPic have a few different memberships to choose from. You can start with the Free membership that includes 3 free generations per month. Now, if you find yourself wanting to generate more, the Basic membership at $4/month might be more up your street. This includes 500 generations/month, commercial usage, private images, more styles and HD upscaling. And if that still isn’t enough for you try out the Pro membership at $20/month. With the Pro membership you can get your hands on Unlimited generations/month, commercial usage, private images, more styles, HD upscaling and priority support.

I highly recommend you give LucidPic a go!

We Love:

  • The highest quality I’ve seen!
  • Royalty free generations
  • Fair pricing plan

We Hate:

  • Sometimes the generations just wouldn’t work.
  • Customisation options seem limited.


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Create your own character
Create your own character
Your character is waiting for you!
Your character is waiting for you!
Build up your character library one person at a time
Build up your character library one person at a time

Our Verdict on LucidPic

Wow. This is a brilliant AI tool, that you NEED to try out. The quality is out of this world. A tool that anyone can use to build and generate their perfect character. Try the platform out for free and I promise you, you’ll find yourself signing up to one of the paid plans. I think the plans are really fair in price, you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck and for someone who loves a bargain, it’s a real steal!

If you use a lot of human imagery in your work, I’d highly recommend giving LucidPic a whirl. Save time, stress and money with LucidPic.

Compared Alternatives

  • Photo AI - As well as generating images of models you can also generate different images of yourself, perfect if you want to update your profile pictures. Unfortunately Photo AI don’t offer a free trial, so I’d stick to LucidPic if you just want to have a play around with creating different characters.
  • DreamPic.AI - There are so many different styles of AI models to choose from, these AI models are more ‘artsy’ than what LucidPic have on offer. But the quality isn’t as strong as the LucidPic generations.


  • AI imager generator
  • Diverse photo styles library
  • Royalty free imagery
  • AI photo studio
  • ‘Your Character’ history repository


  • Website designers using stock imagery for sites
  • Social media managers creating brand content

Insider Tips

  • If you’re a fan of LucidPic, why not take advantage of their API. To do this, you’ll need to fill in a short form to request access to their Beta API. Make sure you include as much detail as possible so you can get your hands on the API as soon as possible.

LucidPic Pricing

Enjoy AI image generation and royalty-free imagery at no cost! No hidden costs!

Has Free Tier

Public Pricing

Enterprise Plan

Double Check Pricing

*Last Updated: Nov 07, 2023

Free Forever


AI imager generator

Royalty free imagery

Diverse photo styles library

NaN% off with Annual plan

NaN% off with Annual

LucidPic Q&A

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