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Finding Product Market Fit with Viral TikToks w/ AIApply

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Entrepreneurial Burnout: "It doesn't come from working hard. It's quite enjoyable working 18 hours, days, seven days a week when you're kind of growing and making money, but it's very, very hard and demotivating when you're not and no one's speaking to you and your customers aren't speaking to you and you're bribing them to give you feedback."

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9:44 - Product Validation in the Age of TikTok

"With the advent of TikTok specifically, and I'm going to talk about that specifically because it's a whole beast in itself. It allows you to validate the marketing side of the proposition as well. And this specifically works on B2C, but it works on B2B as well."

14:30 - Viral Marketing Strategies

"All of a sudden, I'm not just testing whether the proposition works and that you can convert the people that visit your landing page, you're testing the marketing as well to see, okay, do people care about this proposition enough to share it, to watch it, to consume content around it? And if they do, then they're going to visit the actual landing page and then they're going to convert into users."

19:44 - High Conversion Rates in SaaS Products

"We're now converting around 2% of page views into paying users, which is really high. And at the start, when it just went live, we were converting probably 1.1% of page views into paying users."

22:55 - The Impact of AI on Job Availability

"I think there's definitely a sense that AI is having an impact on individual contributor productivity. And now one person can do the job of three people and no one's admitting it, but it's going to have an impact on the size of personnel at these big companies."

34:26 - The Future of Recruitment

"Recruiters are going to get replaced by AI, but we're finally at a point where at least at a skills level, you can pretty effectively match someone to a job based on their background and experience."

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