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Added: Nov 04, 2023

AI-powered tool for effortless and professional presentations.

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What does Decktopus do?

Decktopus call themselves the Worlds #1 AI-powered presentation generator, so of course we had to check them out and put this to the test. Decktopus was created to help users quickly and easily create professional looking presentations without any stress. The Decktopus team wants to help you streamline your presentation process, making it as effortless as possible for you.

You can use Decktopus for free, but if you really want to play around with Decktopus and take advantage of the ‘create with AI’ presentation maker, you will have to create an account and sign up for the Pro membership. The PRO AI pricing plan costs $14.00/per month and will help you level up your presentations even more. This includes 750 AI credits, remove Decktopus logo from exports, one user, creating folders and analytics. Now if that’s not enough for you, or you want to share the platform with a team, the Business AI plan might be better suited for your needs. The Business AI will set you back $48/user/month and you’ll have access to 1000 AI credits X user, custom domain connection, track form responses, brand colours and fonts, footer notes and logos and the option to create your team.

When it comes to creating and generating a presentation there are a few options to get you started. You can either create a presentation from scratch, start with a template or create a presentation using AI. When it comes to the ‘create with AI’ option, you’ll be asked a few questions by Decktopus to help them pull together the information they need to create the perfect presentation. Details on what your project is about and who your audience is will massively help. When using Decktopus, it really feels like you are a part of a team. They share examples, ideas and suggestions throughout, so it never feels like you’re working alone, a small but important gesture!

They have so many features that you can play around with. From updating themes, designing slides, adding images and icons and even creating scripts. You can create a great looking presentation in a matter of minutes. It’s really a one stop shop. If you’ve not used an AI-powered presentation generator before, there’s no need to worry. They walk you through how everything works, so you shouldn’t face any problems or have any questions when you start creating your presentation.

They even have a Slack community called ‘Sunday Brunch’ that you can join. In the community you can share recent projects, collate feedback and just have a good chin wag with other presentation creators.

I do think it’s a shame you can’t have a taster of ‘create with AI’ before committing to a paid plan. I think this will put a lot of potential users off. But saying that, I was really impressed with the quality of the AI created presentations. The interface isn’t complicated at all, so you can easily make changes to the generated presentation. Another little treat that I really appreciated was the ‘AI Assistant’. Your AI assistant will generate and share slide tips with you to help improve the overall presentation experience. You can even generate the types of questions that may be asked during your presentation and Decktopus will share responses to these questions (mind blown!), you’ll never be unprepared again!

We Love:

  • Super easy to customise
  • Able to integrate with other applications
  • Great community backing and support

We Hate:

  • Can only create a presentation with AI if you sign up for a paid plan


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Share all the juicy details with Decktopus
Share all the juicy details with Decktopus
Don’t worry Decktopus will help you from start to finish
Don’t worry Decktopus will help you from start to finish
In a matter of minutes, you’ve got your presentation!
In a matter of minutes, you’ve got your presentation!

Our Verdict on Decktopus

Overall, I think this is a pretty impressive presentation tool…if you’re willing to pay for it. The main benefits and features fall under the paid plan. If you’re willing to drop a few pennies each month, you should definitely give Decktopus a go!

The whole experience feels pretty seamless, and the quality of the presentations are extremely high. A lot of the time when I’m creating a presentation, it feels like a real chore and it doesn’t feel like that with Decktopus, it’s now something I enjoy!

Compared Alternatives

  • MagicSlides - You’re able to test the AI Presentation tool out for free, so you know what you’re working with before signing up. Unfortunately, MagicSlides isn’t as customisable as Decktopus, so you’ll have to create your own design work in another platform.
  • Beautiful.ai - I’d highly recommend using Beautiful.ai if you want to create a presentation for your business. There are so many business focused templates to choose from, so you’ll never be starting from scratch. Saying this, I did find that the template designs weren’t as engaging as Decktopus’.


  • AI-powered presentation generator
  • Template library
  • High-quality slide designer
  • Theme changer


  • Marketing manager creating a deck for a team meeting
  • Account executive creating a monthly progress report
  • A speaker creating a presentation for a workshop

Insider Tips

  • Decktopus have a great little community on Slack, called Sunday Brunch. You’re encouraged to share your projects, give feedback and engage with other presentation makers! 

Decktopus Pricing

With access to top-notch features under Enterprise pricing, experience a premium user journey.

Has Free Tier

Public Pricing

Enterprise Plan

Double Check Pricing

*Last Updated: Nov 04, 2023


Limited Features / Credits

20 AI Credits

Limited use of Voice Records

Free use of Presentation Notes

Pro AI



40% off with Annual plan

Presentation Analytics

750 AI Credits




25% off with Annual

1000 AI Credits

Premium Templates

Decktopus Q&A

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