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Codium Review: Our Insider Tips and Verdict [2024]

Reviewed: Nov 28, 2023

Are you a developer who needs a bit of extra help when it comes to testing out your code? That’s what CodiumAI is for. CodiumAI analyses your code and generates tests to catch anything you’ve missed. It currently works with Python, JS or TS code.

CodiumAI was created by developers for developers. They know exactly what they’re doing. It will help you code smarter, quicker and push with confidence. It’s an AI-powered Github plugin that reviews all your pull requests, so you don’t have to.

The Code suggestion feature suggest tests as you code, there’s no waiting around. All you have to do is accept the tests and commit to them. The CodiumAI team is always on hand to offer support or answer any questions you may have, when you sign up to CodiumAI, you become part of the CodiumAI team! Now if that isn’t enough for you, why not join the Discord community?

Of course, it is important to take CodiumAI with a pinch of salt. The code that CodiumAI generates should still be reviewed by developers. The CodiumAI team are constantly working on the tool. So keep your eye out for new features that include Coding agent, CodiumAI API and Alpha sodium.


  • AI-powered GitHub plugin
  • Auto-description
  • Code suggestions


  • A developer looking to improve their code
  • A manager wanting to reviews team members code

Insider Tips

  • If you want to get even more involved with the CodiumAI team and community keep an eye on the events that they have planned!
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