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Capture users' curiosity with content

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Teach customers about your product by creating videos on new features, use cases, and simple step-by-step tutorials.

We are a good fit, if you have:

An AI product more customers need to know about

You have features current users don't know about

Users have a learning curve on sign-up

Or you answer the same questions again and again

Become known as "the AI for X"
not as "an AI alternative"

Itai Amoza

CEO & Co-Founder @ Storydoc

"Jack and the team are great professionals with deep knowledge and expertise who make a difference at every step"

Jasper Flour

Growth @

"It's NOT something we knew we needed. Now our team's not sure what we were doing before working with AllThingsAI"

Seebastian Goed

Chief Growth Officer @ Trendata

"We've experienced a positive uplift in traffic coming from AllThingsAI and they are personable and easy to work with"

How it works

We believe most creative strategies don't focus on meaningful business outcomes. Because of this, most video agencies try to sell you on "investing in content".

We know this doesn't cut it...

Our unique approach and a sprinkle of our audience, gives our education partners a competitive edge. Here's how:

Set your Strategy

We set your creative strategy based on meaningful business outcomes.

We'll find where videos can impact in your sales, marketing, product or even customer service. Content can to make an impact on your bottom line, if you know what to create. For example:

Your Problem: User churn in the first month is too damn high!

Our Solution: We create videos on

  • step-by-step tutorials helping new users get started
  • walk-through use cases that inspire deeper engagement

Instead of setting a creative strategy based on what-ifs, lets get results now and start unlocking bottlenecks in your business.

Your Deliverables

Zero to One Strategy Doc (5 page notion)

Hit Record

Once your strategy is set, it is as simple as hitting record.

Or at least it will seem like that. Behind the scenes we will be ideating, storyboarding, scripting, recording, editing and doing everything1 necessary to polish up your videos. We will start by:

  • Week 1: Onboarding and setting your strategy
  • Week 2: Plan content calendar and hit record

Starting week 3 and beyond, 1 educational video and 2 social media clips are published every week.

This is totally hands off, done-for-you process. All we need from you, is a license to start2.

Your Deliverables

4 Educational Videos (6 to 12 minutes each)

8 Clips for Social Media (30s to 60s each)

Publish Videos

Your videos are published to AllThingsAI Education, YouTube and wherever else you want.

We handle the posting to our channels, and if you want 4k exports for your socials3, website or native in your app - no problem.

Your videos get published twice a week and the content calendar is planned 2 weeks in advance so that we can focus on delivering the best outcome for you.

Your Deliverables

Simple Content Calendar (with a 2 week plan)

Done-For-You Process (ideation to publishing)

Measure KPIs

Your KPIs will be set based on your strategy and we'll be reporting on them weekly.

If we are focused on solving the example from above, "user churn in the first month", your KPIs are going to focus on engagement, and churn. It's as simple as that.

  • Is the content solving the problem and by how much?
  • What worked well and what didn't?
  • And where do we double down next?

No matter what your KPIs are, our approach, team and execution remains the same. Transparent, accountable, and worth booking a strategy call 😉

Your Deliverables

KPI Tracking Spreadsheet (Google Sheet)

Weekly Video Reporting (Loom updates)

Unlock a fan in every customer,
with content

Simple Pricing

Education Partner

We offer one package at one price. No hidden costs, a month-to-month contract, and cancel anytime with 30 days notice.
Zero to One Strategy Doc
4 Educational Videos
8 Clips for Social Media
Simple Content Calendar
Done-for-you Process
Distribution to our audience
4k professional Edited Exports
Weekly KPI Reporting


per month
Plus, on signup:
A founder interview
(to amplify your personal branding)
2 dedicated newsletters
(reach +9k subs)

Who do you typically work with?

We work with tech startups focused on building artificial intelligence tools for B2C and B2B. The best partners are:

  • Trying to build their reputation
  • See content as a solution to unlocking your business
  • Have at least 1 scalable growth channel working

There's a lot of competition out there and being known as 1 of many options in the market is a formula for a challenging road ahead. We believe by educating potential customers about your product and helping solve users' problems within your product - you will stand out from the crowd.

Education partners are often funded seed stage or later companies with some form product market-fit. If you're bootstrapped a good rule of thumb is, if your spending more than $5000 on sustainable growth - it's worth booking a call.

Where are the videos posted?

We will handle posting the videos to:

  • YouTube (your channel or ours)
  • Our Website (homepage and education)

We will give you all the clips for socials in 4k exports, so that you can post them.

Finally, we can help you natively embed videos into your landing pages, website or product. Depending on the placement of the video, we can provide the necessary hosting for the videos.

What does the first month look like?

We're sure you're a wonderful person, but unlike most creative video agencies we are not going to take 3 weeks to "get to know your company".

In your first week, we will onboard you, publish your first newsletter, and record your founder interview. By then end of the second week, your creative strategy will be finalized, your first video will be ready for publishing and your content calendar will be planned out for the next 2 weeks.

From there on, we will be planning and recording your videos 2 weeks in advance of the dates on the content calendar.

Who will be in the videos?

The main character in your videos will be Jack, but it doesn't have to be. If you or someone on your team wants to be the main character, we can make accommodations to our process for whoever is recording them.

If that doesn't work for you, the next best option is placing a dedicated creator to represent your brand. We will hunt them down and make sure their better looking than Jack, but keep in mind this will come at an additional cost ($1,500 /month) and we want to make sure this is the right fit for you before you get started.

Do you use AI to create the videos?

NO. We never use AI as a substitute to recording high quality videos. For now, people are just much better looking on camera and more authentic than AI generated avatars are. Sorry AI.

So instead, we use AI to give you a polished finish without adding tons of low value work to our process. For example, when we edit the videos it's easier to create powerful transitions, animate eye tracking, and fix voice dubbing, with AI.

What's included in the cost?

We charge $1999 per month. This includes everything end-to-end in video production and distribution to AllThingsAI channels.  

We start with a creative strategy and work through ideation, storyboarding, storytelling, scripting, recording, video editing, post production (A/B testing titles, thumbnails, and descriptions) and handle posting to our channels. Even the kitchen sink is included.

Additionally, Jack is going to be recording the videos he's included in this cost, there's an additional cost if you want us to place a creator with your company. More on that here.

Our contracts are month-to-month. You can cancel anytime with just 30 days notice. There are no hidden costs, and no gotchas. Just a simple Stripe payment.

For anyone looking to make waves, we offer a 15% discount for clients who wish to make a 6 month commitment on signup.

What is needed from me?

In short, approvals and feedback. We will be creating the videos from end-to-end, so we need to have a strong understand of you and your companies' inner workings.

Once we've captured that in your onboarding, the only thing we want your time for is strategy adjustments, feedback and approving the content calendar.

We'll be sharing weekly KPI updates and be in your slack if you need us. Otherwise you can think of us as a "set it and forget it" video partner.

Let us help you inspire users
and win customers.

Zero to One Strategy
1 Video Every Week
Weekly KPI Reporting
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