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Added: Nov 23, 2023

Easy and free AI logo generator created by Shopify for businesses.

What does Hatchful do?

Do you have a business that you need to create a logo for, but you have no idea where to start? Or maybe you have no design experience and the thought of creating a logo yourself is just too stressful. Chill out.

Hatchful is an AI logo generator here to help you and your business. Hatchful was created by Shopify, to help you create logos in a few easy steps. There are so many different logo templates to choose from, so you don’t have to rack your brain for design ideas. You’ll need to create an account before you get cracking. Once you’ve got an account up and running, you’re all set to get creating. All. For. Free. Yep, you can use Hatchful for free, thank you Shopify! It’s perfect if you’re working with a tight budget.

Once you’ve picked your template and shared your business space, name and desired style with Hatchful, they’ll then pick up the rest of the work for you. In a matter of seconds you’ll be shown a range of different potential logos to choose from. Don’t worry if you’re not the biggest fan of them straight away. You can go in to the logos and customise them yourself. Edit font, update colours, add icons and change up the layout. The editing studio is super easy to use, there’s no need to be an Adobe Wizard when creating your logo with Hatchful. When you’re happy with what you’ve created, you can download your logo package. This includes everything you need. From high-resolution logos, Facebook profile pictures to LinkedIn banners, you’re fully covered.

Another thing I really like about Hatchful is that you have your own little logo studio. A place that houses all of your previous creations. This is such a simple feature, but a feature that not that many AI generator platforms have. I’ll have created an image or a logo and if I haven’t saved it to my desktop, I’ll never find it again. So a big pat on Hatchful’s back for this.

Now, let’s talk about the logos themselves. They are created extremely quickly, which is a pro and you are given a wide range of different logo options to play with, another pro. But, the quality of the logos didn’t hit the mark for me. The logos that I was shown, didn’t feel very innovative or unique. I felt like I had seen them before. Design is subjective, so just keep this in mind when using Hatchful.

We Love:

  • The editing studio is really easy to use
  • High-resolution logos
  • Available on iOS

We Hate:

  • The AI generated logos aren’t very innovative - I feel like I’ve seen them on other platforms!


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Share your vision with Hatchful
Share your vision with Hatchful
Give Hatchful as much info as possible, so it can give you the goodies
Give Hatchful as much info as possible, so it can give you the goodies
Take your pick!
Take your pick!

Our Verdict on Hatchful

Hatchful is the perfect place to start if you’re creating a logo. It will provide you with inspiration and the design foundation to then build on. You can customise the logo in the design studio and really have your own say on the design, which is a big benefit. But as mentioned, for the quality falls flat. I wouldn’t say that the designs created by Hatchful are high-quality and professional looking outputs. If you want to create a professional and slick logo for your business, I’d suggest giving Renderforest a go.

Hatchful is a great place to start your logo journey and get your creativity flowing.

Compared Alternatives

  • Renderforest - As well as creating your logo with Renderforest, you can also create videos, websites and mockups, which is great if you want to tick a bunch of different design assets of off your list. The one thing that Hatchful has that Renderforest doesn’t is the logo package and this is a great feature that I wish more platforms would offer.
  • Turbologo - have a great editing suite! They even show your previews of your logo in-situ, so you can see what it looks like on a t-shirt, business cards or as an icon. Turbologo is a lot more expensive than Hatchful though…


  • AI Logo generator
  • Logo design studio
  • My Logo deposit


  • A business owner creating a logo
  • A founder creating a logo for their eCommerce store
  • A brand manager reinvigorating their client’s brand

Insider Tips

  • The platform is available in an assortment of languages. Anyone from anywhere can take advantage of Hatchful. We love an inclusive platform!

Hatchful Pricing

Free forever is truly a gift if you're just getting started!

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*Last Updated: Nov 23, 2023

Free Forever


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