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Up Your Slides with [Reviewed 2024]

Reviewed: Jan 22, 2024

You and your team are crowded around one computer screen, each team member frantically trying to have their input on the presentation. And of course, you only have 10 minutes before you need to send the deck to client. Sounds like my kind of hell. Sadly, we’ve probably all experienced something like this at one point or another. No one enjoys this type of chaos. Things end up getting missed, voices aren’t heard and someone always ends up leaving disheartened and dishevelled, it’s not nice.

It’s now time to say goodbye to this kind of stress and hello to is an AI presentation tool that will help you and your team create beautiful presentations, effortlessly in no time at all. Plan ahead, prepare and save time, instead of working up to the wire.

Take advantage of’s smart template, so you can start building your perfect presentation in no time at all. These templates are perfect if you don’t have the best eye for design. Simply drag-and-drop in your content and will do the rest. Watch take control and apply the rules of great design in real-time. Your slides will adapt to the content you’ve uploaded, you won’t have to resize images ever again.

They make it super easy to maintain brand consistency too, ensuring your slides always align with your brand. Avoiding arguments among team members on the perfect approach to logo sizing…

If is sounding right up your street, why not give it a go? Just a heads up, unfortunately don’t offer a free version of the tool at the moment. They do offer a a 14-day free Pro trial, but after this runs out you will have to pay at $12/month for the Pro for Individuals membership, the Team membership comes in at a higher price.

Marketing reports, pitch decks, sales proposals - you get the gist. will help you create any type of presentation, without the stress. Test it out and let us know what you think!


  • AI presentation creator
  • AI Smart slides
  • AI Design Bot creator
  • Dynamic animations
  • Templates for teams


  • Project manager sharing a monthly update with their team
  • A Founder creating a brand guidelines deck, looking for input from the team.

Insider Tips

  • If you’re a student and love the look of but you’re put off by the price tag - don’t worry! offer free plans for students, so you can still enjoy creating eye catching presentations, nice and easy. 
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