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D-ID AI Review: Our Insider Tips and Verdict [2024]

Reviewed: Nov 29, 2023

D-ID AI focus on creating human-like conversational AI experiences. They have created a range of different AI tools, so let’s get into it.

Let’s start with Creative Reality™ Studio. Do you want to create an avatar to provide assistance, present a pitch or maybe you want to create a character for a role-play video game? Creative Reality™ Studio is a web app that’s here to help you out. The Creative Reality Studio lets you create human-like conversational AI portraits in a matter of seconds.

You can pick from a list of already created presenter profiles, upload your own image or generate a new AI presenter, so you can create the perfect portrait. Once you’ve picked your presenter, you can then customise them even more. Deciding on the language, voice and style you’d like to move forward with. Depending on the voice you pick, the style options change too.

For instance if you click on Sara, her styles are more emotion focused. Perfect if you want to create a character who is empathetic or excited. But if you choose Aria, her styles are slightly different. As well as being emotion focused, her style also includes task based styles like customer service, narration and newscast.

When I was using Creative Reality Studio this caught me out a few times. I had decided on a voice but the style I needed wasn’t available for the chosen voice, so make sure you check this before committing! There are many different voices you can pick from, but unfortunately quite a few of them fall under the paid memberships, so you’ll have to pay up if you want full access to the voice library.

What happens if the voice options don’t tickle your fancy? Don’t fret, you can even upload your own voice to the platform, so you can create even more realistic portraits. A great option instead of having to rerecord something! Once you’re happy with your chosen presenter, simply include your script, click generate and you’ll have your AI portrait in a matter of seconds, it’s pretty crazy.

D-ID AI have also created something called Chat.D-ID, a tool that allows you to have conversations with ChatGPT, face-to-face. Chat.D-ID allows you to engage with an avatar, asking it questions and receiving an audio response - it helps make those robots feel a little more human! Mix up the look of the avatar, the voice and even the style. Are you in need of a motivational speech? Jason, the motivational coach will help get you back on cloud nine.

D-ID AI even have an API that supports synchronistic generation of videos from audio files. You can integrate it with your AI chatbot, use it to create real-time video call avatars or add it to an online game. Is there anything that D-ID AI doesn’t offer?

You can play around with all tools for free, but there is a limit! There are three different memberships for Creative Reality Studio, these include Lite - $5.9/month, Pro - $49/month or Advanced - $299/month. There’s quite a price jump between memberships, so make sure you do your research. When it comes to Chaat.D-ID, you get six chats for free, once you’ve used all of these up you can upgrade to get 1000 chats each month for $2.99, which isn’t too bad! Similar to Creative Reality Studio, there are three different memberships for the API which are Build - $18/month, Launch - $50/month or Scale - $190/month.

If you want to play around with conversational AI portraits and avatars, then D-ID AI is a must!


  • Conversational AI-portraits
  • AI-Avatar chatbots
  • Diverse voice selection
  • Tool integration


  • Creating an avatar for a video
  • Including a presenter in a business pitch
  • Generating a character for a video game

Insider Tips

  • When it comes to the Creative Reality Studio and the D-ID API, you get 5 minutes of fun for free. Which is the perfect amount of time to understand if it’s the right platform for you.