Flowpoint Review: Our Insider Tips and Verdict [2023]

Flowpoint is an AI-powered analytics platform designed to help you optimize conversion rates on your website.

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Added: Jul 25, 2023

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Flowpoint Review: Our Insider Tips and Verdict [2023]

Flowpoint is an AI-powered analytics platform designed to help you optimize conversion rates on your website.
Logo of Flowpoint

Added: Jul 25, 2023

What does Flowpoint do?

Flowpoint is an analytics platform designed to help you optimize conversion rates through the implementation of flows (or funnels). Once you are through the brief 4-step setup process - users can quickly implement funnel-style analytics on their website.

The platform aims to provide users with an understanding of what pages their customers are going to, where and why they're dropping off, and what is having the most impact on the conversion rates. By breaking the user data down into a page-by-page analysis, Flowpoint users can easily compare landing pages, UTM-tracked traffic sources, and call to action. Simply if a website user can click it, Flowpoint can track it.

While many website analytics tools like Hotjar or Clarity zoom into individual user flow, Flowpoint focuses on understanding what's impacting your users the most and what the smallest changes you can make to create the biggest impact are.

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  • Flow Audits: is a generative AI feature that provides you with recommendations on how to improve your funnel. If users are getting bored and switching tabs or rage-clicking things they think are buttons, the AI recommends how you can improve it through UI, UX, and content recommendations changes. While the analytics tells you what is going on, the AI recommends how you can improve it.
  • In-platform event setup: this allows you to track user actions through 3 trigger settings: element clicks, path navigation, or preexisting Google Tag manager events. Creating this on their dashboard saves a significant amount of time compared to most analytics platforms.
  • Stack Ranking Issues: this shows you which issues are creating the most friction in your funnel and ranks it by how many users it has impacted. Further, these issues are automatically tagged for delegation. Is this a technical SEO issue? Is it a content issue? Should the UI be changed? This is useful if you've got team members or someone else in charge of a specific aspect of the website.
  • The Partner Program: is an awesome way for marketing agencies to understand their impact and communicate their results to clients. Whether the client is running Google ads to a landing page, lead generation to downloadable content, or wants to know what blog posts are driving the most sales; Flowpoint is dynamic enough to be set up for multiple KPIs.


  • Marketing agency owners can use Flowpoint to accurately pinpoint issues and keep track of their delivered results for clients.
  • Solopreneurs and website builders can use it to quickly uncover the most impactful issues in their CRO and SEO.
  • Marketers leverage it to measure, test and monitor multiple landing pages and traffic sources with one CTA.

Our Insider Tips


  • It's designed to be implemented quickly and function simply. There's no user event setup and no backend work you need to do to get started.
  • It's very well documented and the team provides many human support options to get answers quickly.
  • Automatic issue tagging and stack ranking of issues make it easy to delegate and systematically solve problems.


  • The free 14-day trial is only available for the Starter plan and therefore feels rather limiting.
  • There is a big jump between Starter and Pro which potentially makes it unfeasible for some website owners.


Our Verdict on Flowpoint

Flowpoint Pricing - Starter


Or purchase Yearly with 0% discount

This tool comes with a generous free tier. AllThingsAI always recommends trying before you buy

Flowpoint is suitable for enterprise usage. Get in touch with the team for higher usage limits, better security options and other enterprise-grade features

Compare Alternatives

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  • Berri.ai offers a one-line code package for reliable GPT that wraps the create endpoint and handles any errors thrown by OpenAI.
  • The website is made with Typedream, making it easier to access and use.
  • Berri.ai eliminates the need to worry about rate-limiting, context window limitations, or rotated keys.
  • Berri.ai provides a secure platform to access OpenAI's GPT-3 API.
  • Berri.ai offers a simple and efficient way to access OpenAI's GPT-3 API.
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  • Align and deploy large language models using the Humanloop platform.
  • Customize and optimize LLM applications with the toolkit to ship differentiated products with AI.
  • Collect end-user feedback at scale to unlock actionable insights on how to improve models.
  • Easily A/B test models and prompts with the improvement engine built for AI.
  • Fine-tune new models with the press of a button without coding or data science.
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Free Plan?
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  • Real-time detection of inappropriate or illegal requests to secure usage of Generative AI services.
  • Ability to edit requests instead of blocking, to prevent workflow disruption.
  • Monitoring of AI usage in companies to lead investigations when necessary.
  • Prevention of confidential information from being leaked to AI providers.
  • Comprehensive suite of services to ensure compliance with legal requirements.
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  • AI-Powered one-stop solution to manage permissions, costs, compliance, security, and automation of SaaS applications.
  • Single Sign-On, Identity Provisioning, and workflow templates for seamless deployment.
  • IDaaS and App Store for building internal and external apps.
  • SAML 2.0, OpenID Connect, OAuth 2.0, and CAS protocols for secure access to enterprise applications.
  • Fine-grained RBAC model and customizable audit logs for compliance and real-time access control.
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Selected Flowpoint Alternatives

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