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jamie Review: Our Insider Tips and Verdict [2024]

Reviewed: Nov 20, 2023

Taking notes whilst you’re on a call can be quite hard. You’re trying to listen to the person whose talking, you want to look like you’re interested in what they’re saying, but you also have to take notes and not miss anything important...Surely you can’t do it all?

Meet Jamie. Jamie is the AI-meeting assistant you have been longing for. It automatically creates summaries of meetings, so you don’t have to. Jamie will generate transcripts, summaries, action items and reviews that you can share with your team automatically - nothing will be missed again!

You will have to download the Jamie software to your computer to use the tool. You will also have to download Rosetta (if you’re using a Mac). Jamie is compatible with Windows and Mac and once you’ve got it downloaded it doesn’t take too long to get the software up and running. Create an account and jump on your first meeting!

The user interface is nice and simple, making it really easy to use. The software isn’t overwhelming or complicated at all, which is perfect for those times where you’re running late and you need to jump on a call urgently. Whilst you’re on your meeting, Jamie will process the audio and pull it all together in an easy to understand summary. A really cool feature that Jamie has is the decision detector. This detects decisions and makes notes of the outcome. If you’re looking for something specific from a meeting, you can ask Jamie a question and get instant answers with relevant meeting references, it’s pretty great.

Another thing I like about Jamie is that you can easily connect your Google or Outlook Calendar. It also works with 15+ languages, so no matter who you’re talking to your notes will be covered. You can even customise the approach to notes. Decide between brief or extensive meeting note summaries, the language the output should be in and create and share custom words. When using Jamie I didn’t feel like anything was missed in the meeting notes and it felt like I could really relax, be fully present and pay attention on my calls without having to worry about taking notes.

The Jamie team claim that you can save 10 hours every week with the help of Jamie and you know what, I believe it! It’s such an efficient, useful piece of kit.


  • AI-meeting assistant
  • Transcript creator
  • Decision detector
  • Topic sorted notes
  • Custom note templates


  • An Account Manager wanting to share call highlights with their team
  • A Founder referring to old meeting notes

Insider Tips

  • Jamie have a brilliant blog on their site where they cover the latest news, tools and updates. A great resource to help you become more even more efficient.
  • You can share and adjust custom words with Jamie in your summary to help Meet Jamie get them right in the future.
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