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Added: Feb 21, 2024

Extract data from unstructured documents.

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What does Extracta.ai do?

Extracta.ai is a technology platform designed to automate the extraction of structured data from a wide variety of documents, both physical (such as CVs, invoices, receipts, and contracts) and digital (including word documents, text files, emails, and websites). This service aims to streamline workflows, reduce manual labor, and enhance process efficiency across multiple industries that handle large volumes of document data.

The platform allows users to specify the details of the extraction process, including the type of information they wish to extract. Users can upload batches of files for processing, which, once completed, yields a table containing the structured data sets. This table can be downloaded for import into a database or connected through an API to other software and workflows. Extracta.ai supports a variety of file formats, including PDF, Word, TXT, PNG, and JPG, OCR technology as necessary to process scanned documents.

A key feature of Extracta.ai is its technology that obviates the need for pre-training, while also providing high accuracy and speed, capable of processing hundreds of documents in minutes. The platform is developer-friendly, offering comprehensive API documentation for seamless integration with other systems. This makes it an appealing solution for software and automation companies, freelancers, and tech enthusiasts seeking to incorporate data extraction into their products or workflows.

Extracta.ai offers a trial experience through its web platform, offering the first 50 pages free of charge. Subsequent usage follows a pay-as-you-go pricing model, allowing users to pay only for what they use. Additionally, the platform enables users to create custom templates for testing on their document datasets, ensuring flexibility and adaptability to specific needs.

The strategy behind Extracta.ai focuses on product quality, ensuring the API's functionality and accuracy; customer support, providing free extraction customization and assistance; and visibility, maintaining a presence on channels frequented by developers.

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