Exploring the Future of AI & Business Growth

Join us for a conversation with David, co-founder of Opinly.ai. We discuss AI’s impact on business growth, the journey of building competitive analytics tools and the best way to leverage AI technology. We also cover:

  • Leveraging AI technology for business growth
  • Challenges and opportunities in the world of AI
  • Personal experiences and lessons learned from the journey
  • Insights into building competitive analytics tools

User Audience

The typical users of Opinly.ai are marketers, executives, and business intelligence professionals from mid to late-stage companies. The tool aims to provide valuable insights without the need for deep data analysis.

Future of AI

David believes that AI will become a native DevOps layer in software development, rather than a standalone feature. He sees AI evolving to be an integral part of technology stacks in the future.

Financial Goals

David aims for $20 million in financial success to fund bold, deep tech ventures after securing a comfortable lifestyle. He sees this as a way to leave a meaningful legacy and tackle more challenging projects.

Interview with

We talk to David, co-founder of Opinly.ai about AI’s impact on business, building competitive analytics tools and the best way to leverage AI tech.

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