Parsio Review: Our Insider Tips and Verdict [2023]

Parsio automates tedious data extraction tasks with natural language processing and QuickBooks integration, saving you time and money.

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Added: Jun 06, 2023

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Parsio Review: Our Insider Tips and Verdict [2023]

Parsio automates tedious data extraction tasks with natural language processing and QuickBooks integration, saving you time and money.
Logo of Parsio

Added: Jun 06, 2023

What does Parsio do?

Parsio is an automated email and document parser that uses natural language processing to extract data from human-written emails and unstructured documents. According to the website, it can export data to over 6000 apps and has pre-built models for PDF files such as invoices, business cards, and ID documents. Parsio also offers QuickBooks integration to streamline accounts payable. Its automated email parsing software can help businesses manage increased workloads without having to hire additional data entry staff. Compared to competitors, Parsio claims to offer superior services at a fraction of the cost. Some users may find that Parsio's GPT-powered parser and easy setup make it an ideal tool for automating the tedious task of data extraction.

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  • Extract data from emails, PDFs, and documents and export it to over 6000 apps.
  • Utilize natural language processing to extract data from human-written emails and unstructured documents.
  • Pre-built models to parse PDF files quickly, such as invoices, business cards, and ID documents.
  • Automatically capture valuable data in real time and send it to business applications.
  • Create templates to extract data from emails from platforms like HARO, Airbnb, and LinkedIn.


  • Accountants can use Parsio to automate accounts payable by syncing captured data from receipts, bills, and invoices to QuickBooks. This helps to save time and reduce errors.
  • Dance teachers can parse their emails and automate a process that was previously very cumbersome. Parsio is easy to use and set up, making it a great tool for those with limited coding experience.
  • Businesses can benefit from Parsio's automated email parsing software to manage increased workloads, such as during holidays, without having to hire additional data entry staff. This helps to ensure that customers receive the same level of service.

Our Insider Tips


  • Automate accounts payable with real-time data capture and sync to QuickBooks.
  • Extract data from emails and documents with natural language processing and pre-built models.
  • Automate data entry and manage increased workloads without hiring additional staff.


  • Does not support languages other than Latin and European.
  • Cannot parse handwritten text in documents and emails.


Our Verdict on Parsio

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Parsio is suitable for enterprise usage. Get in touch with the team for higher usage limits, better security options and other enterprise-grade features

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  • SAML 2.0, OpenID Connect, OAuth 2.0, and CAS protocols for secure access to enterprise applications.
  • Fine-grained RBAC model and customizable audit logs for compliance and real-time access control.
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Nile Frater

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