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Added: Jun 13, 2023

Murf is an AI voice generator that quickly creates high-quality voiceovers in 20 languages with 120+ realistic text to speech voices.

What does Murf do?

Murf AI is a text-to-speech AI voice generator platform. Created for everyone. It’s here to help you create realistic voiceover narrations in a matter of minutes! You can choose from over 120+ different voices and over 20+ languages, it’s a pretty inclusive platform - which is what we like to see! You can also choose the age group of the voice, their tone, their pitch and speed. You can even add pauses to the speech, to make it feel even more human-like. I kept forgetting that it wasn’t actually a real human behind the recording!

Something that makes Murf AI stand out from other AI voice generator platforms out there is that you’re able to add background music and sound effects to your voiceover. Saving you from having to jump into another platform to edit in some additional sound. You even have your own voiceover library, so you can keep an eye on your previous creations. If you want to turn your voice over into a video, you can upload stock images and videos and even add captions - if you want to create content, you can do it all in one place with Murf AI. Before saving your generated voiceover, you’re able to preview it and make as many changes as possible, meaning you don’t have to fully commit until you’re 100% with the output.

But of course, all of this does come at a price. There are a few different pricing plans to choose from when using Murf AI. First of all, there’s the free plan. This is perfect for trying out the platform. It includes 10 mins of voice generation and transcription, up to 3 users and you can share the link for the audio and video output. But unfortunately, you can’t download whatever you create. The Basic plan costs $19/month and includes unlimited downloads, access to 60 basic voices and 10 languages, a collaborative workspace and 8000+ licensed soundtracks. The Pro plan which is the most popular plan at $26/month will give you access to all 120+ voices, 24 hours of transcription per year, AI voice changer, 8000+ licensed soundtracks and priority support. And finally, if that still isn’t enough for you. You can sign up to the Enterprise plan, at $75/month, perfect if you work in a big team. This will give you 5+ users, unlimited voice and transcription generation, onboarding and way more!

When it comes to the free version there aren’t that many voices to choose from, but there are enough voices to understand what Murf AI is capable of. I was really impressed with the voiceover quality, even in the free version. It felt really natural, non-robotic and authentic. I’ve used loads of other AI voiceover generators in the past and have been pretty underwhelmed with the outputs, they’ve made me lose a bit of faith. But, Murf AI has helped bring the faith back!

We Love:

  • High quality, natural-sounding, customisable AI voiceovers
  • Wide range of download formats
  • User-friendly interface

We Hate:

  • Limited features and settings


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Find the right voice for your needs.
Find the right voice for your needs.
Have some fun trying out the different tones and voices
Have some fun trying out the different tones and voices
Download exactly what you need
Download exactly what you need

Our Verdict on Murf

I really enjoyed testing out Murf AI, I was pleasantly surprised. Murf AI helps you create high-quality voiceovers quickly. My only real critique would be what is currently available/what you have access to in the free plan. Having more voices, features and soundtracks available, would really help level up the platform. But overall, I would recommend!

Murf AI focuses on creating realistic, human-like voiceovers that you can use for all types of things, why not give it a go?

Compared Alternatives

  • Speechify - Barack Obama, Snoop Dogg to Gwyneth Paltrow can voiceover your videos with the help of Speechify. But this does come at a price of $29/month which is more expensive than Murf AI.


  • Text-to-speech AI voice generator
  • Speaker identification
  • Sound, speed and pitch adjustment
  • Voice cloning
  • Grammar assistant
  • Add-ons & plug-ins


  • A podcast host creating a voiceover for an episode
  • A business manager including a description to a presentation
  • A content manager adding narrative to a video

Insider Tips

  • Save yourself even more time by taking advantage of the Murf AI templates. There’s plenty to choose from. All you need to do is include your text and you’ll be good to go! You could literally generate a voiceover in less than 30seconds with the help of the templates.

Murf Pricing

Experience the freedom of unlimited downloads with their paid and top-tier pricing.

Has Free Tier

Public Pricing

Enterprise Plan

Double Check Pricing

*Last Updated: Oct 24, 2023


Limited Features / Credits

No downloads

10 mins of transcription

10 mins of voice generation




33% off with Annual plan

Unlimited Downloads

24 hours of Voice generation




33% off with Annual

Unlimited Downloads

48 hours of voice generation

Murf Q&A

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