Looka helps you create a professional logo and brand identity quickly and easily.

Logo of Looka

Added: Jun 13, 2023

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Looka helps you create a professional logo and brand identity quickly and easily.
Logo of Looka

Added: Jun 13, 2023

What does Looka do?

Looka’s AI Platform lets you input your business name and preferences in order to generate a logo. Don’t have a business name yet? Their Business Name Generator can help with this too, although we prefer Namelix’s generator.

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  • AI-powered logo generation
  • Business name generation
  • AI-assisted Logo editing suite
  • Auto-updating “brand kit” with 300+ AI generated assets


  • Creating and testing logos for your business
  • Creating brand assets and swag designs
  • Generating naming ideas for your next business

Our Insider Tips

  • Be careful not to use the back button, it’s very easy to lose your current logo and have to use newly-generated logos
  • When you’ve got a logo you’re happy with, I always recommend the $65 option - This gets you the source files for your logo, which you’ll definitely need in the future, and provides much higher-resolution logo images


  • Good quality logos, especially if you use their editor to customise
  • Affordable pricing
  • Impressive 300+ asset brand kit


  • Name generator is weak vs the competition
  • Aesthetic choices can be limited without digging into the editor
  • Brand kit pricing is on the expensive side (but much cheaper than a designer!)


  • - Namelix - Much better for names, but the logo editor is less capable. Pricing is broadly the same
  • - Hatchful - Shopify’s Logo designer is simpler to use that Looka and totally free, but the quality isn’t as high and it performs better with e-commerce company logos
  • - Canva - My goto tool for making logos. It’s a little more hands-on than Looka, but with an infinitely huge asset library, new AI-assisted image creation and a much more customisable editor, Canva is worth a look

Our Verdict on Looka

Looka can take a little bit of work to get to a logo you like, but it’s certainly quicker and cheaper than working with a human logo designer. You’ll see a significant quality increase if you work with a human, but your bank will see a significant funds decrease, so Looka may just be worth the trade-off. While the pricing is comparable to Namelix and the business name generator isn’t as good as Namelix’s offering, the logo editor is one of the best in the market and the brand kit option is a no-brainer.

Looka Pricing -


Or purchase Yearly with % discount

This tool comes with a generous free tier. AllThingsAI always recommends trying before you buy

Looka is suitable for enterprise usage. Get in touch with the team for higher usage limits, better security options and other enterprise-grade features

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From the Founders
Nile Frater

Director, Tool Name

A Message from the Founders

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