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Added: Mar 02, 2024

This chatbot offers private, on-device assistance and boosts productivity on Apple devices.

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What does Private LLM do?

Discover Private LLM, your secure, private AI assistant for iPhone, iPad, and macOS. Designed to boost your productivity and creativity while ensuring your privacy, Private LLM is a one-time purchase offering a universe of AI capabilities without subscriptions. Our chatbot utilizes cutting-edge on-device AI to keep your interactions confidential and completely offline, compatible with all your Apple devices.

Why Choose Private LLM?

  • Diverse AI Models at Your Command: Select from a wide array of open-source LLM model families such as Google Gemma 2B, Mixtral 8x7B, Mistral 7B, Llama 2 (7B, 13B, and 33B), CodeLlama 13B, Solar 10.7B, and Phi 2 3B. Customize your AI experience for creative brainstorming, coding assistance, or daily inquiries.
  • Seamless Siri & Shortcuts Integration: Enhance your AI interactions with Siri commands and customizable Shortcuts, making your digital assistant more integrated and accessible within your Apple ecosystem.
  • Customizable System Prompts: Fine-tune your AI's responses and interactions to your liking with customizable system prompts, catering to your specific needs and preferences.
  • Complete Privacy and Security: Private LLM confines your conversations to your device, providing unparalleled privacy. Our on-device AI enables powerful computing without data compromise or the need for an internet connection.
  • Family Sharing & Offline Functionality: A one-time purchase that supports Family Sharing. Download models as needed and enjoy full AI assistant functionality, even offline.
  • System Wide Grammar Correction and Summarization: Offering grammar correction, summarization, text shortening, and rephrasing within any app on your Mac.

Private LLM is more than a chatbot; it's an all-encompassing AI companion that respects your privacy while offering versatile, on-demand assistance. Whether for creative writing, solving complex programming issues, or general inquiries, Private LLM adapts to your needs, ensuring your data remains secure and on your device. Embark on a journey with Private LLM today and elevate your productivity and creative projects with the most private AI assistant for macOS and iOS devices.

Leveraging state-of-the-art Omniquant quantized models, Private LLM is a native Mac app that surpasses others with superior text generation, faster performance, and deeper integration compared to apps using generic baseline RTN quantized models like Ollama and LMStudio.

Optimized for Apple Silicon Macs with the Apple M1 chip or later, Private LLM for macOS delivers the best performance. Users on older Intel Macs without eGPUs may experience reduced performance.

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