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Added: Jun 13, 2023

An AI-audio enhancement tool, that improves the sound quality of your audio recordings.

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What does Adobe Podcast do?

I have my podcast and I haven’t yet been able to invest in a super high-quality microphone. They’re expensive, bulky, and not ideal for my current situation. Adobe Audio Enhancer, is here to help everyone who records audio. It doesn’t matter if you’re recording on your laptop mic, a £20 mic from Amazon or the best of the best.

Adobe Audio Enhancer is an AI-audio enhancement tool that improves the sound quality of your audio recordings. It reduces background noise, reverberations, echos and those random sounds that you have no explanation for! Adobe Audio Enhancer uses machine learning algorithms to analyse your audio recordings to detect and remove the unwanted sound, all in a matter of minutes - which is super impressive.

As well as removing the unwanted sound, Adobe Audio Enhancer of course, enhances the recordings too. Adjusting volume levels, pitch and frequency so everything is more balanced and professional sounding. It’s a super easy tool to use. You don’t need to have any background in sound design whatsoever. Simply create an account, select your audio that you would like to enhance, wait for a few minutes and BAM, you’re enhanced audio is ready!

Now, you can use this tool for free. The free plan includes audio enhancements only, 30mins (max duration - per day), 500mb, Enhance speech, Mic Check test). Enough access to play around with the tool and see how you get on. The Express premium plan is where all the goodies are. This will cost you £9.98/month but you’ll gain access to bulk uploads, strength adjustments and increased enhancements, so it will sound like you’ve been recording in a podcast studio instead of your dining room table.

Something I would like to see in the free plan is more flexibility and customisation around the enhanced audio. Once your audio has been enhanced, that’s it. The only option is to the download the audio. If you did have any edits to it, you’d have to make these changes in another platform. I know the Adobe team are working on a Studio tool, which fills this gap perfectly. But, you currently have to request access for this and I wouldn’t be surprised if this is only accessible to paying users.

Adobe Audio Enhancer is a great option if you are on a tight budget and can’t afford a sound editor to run through your podcast with a fine tooth comb.

We Love:

  • Able to integrate with other Adobe applications.
  • Professional and high-quality enhancements

We Hate:

  • Can only take advantage of the editing features when you pay for the premium pricing plan.
  • No editing options!


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Get ready for some enhanced audio
Get ready for some enhanced audio
Enhanced and ready to use in a matter of minutes
Enhanced and ready to use in a matter of minutes
Make sure to test out your mic too!
Make sure to test out your mic too!

Our Verdict on Adobe Podcast

To be honest, I’m a bit annoyed I’ve only just come across the Adobe Audio Enhancer tool. Audio for my podcast has been something that I’ve been working on, worrying about and trying to find a solution for, for a while now. At the moment, Adobe Audio Enhancer is giving me a great solution! It does the majority of the sound editing for you, which saves me a lot of time. Sometimes, the enhancements can be a little off but overall 9 times out of 10, it’s pretty on point.

The Mic Check tool is a fantastic bonus that I wasn’t expecting. Suggesting simple things to improve my audio has helped make a massive improvement too. Of course, you’re never going to have the same audio as if you were in a premium recording studio but I think it’s a brilliant place to start. If you don’t have all of the expensive audio kit on hand, I’d highly recommend using Adobe Audio Enhancer to help you out a little.

Compared Alternatives

  • - is full of different features and tools to use to improve your audio and visuals! Unfortunately, it’s more expensive. If you want to just focus on improving your audio - stick with Adobe Audio Enhancer.
  • Flixier - can extract audio from visuals, so you don’t have to do it yourself, saving even more time! The enhancement process takes a lot longer with Flixier than it does when using Adobe Audio Enhancer.


  • AI-powered speech enhancement
  • Audio error and inconsistency detection and removal filter
  • Extensive audio format compatibility
  • Audio restoration
  • Corruption repair
  • Noise reduction


  • A sound editor working on a voiceover
  • A podcast host wanting to improve their recording sound

Insider Tips

  • The Adobe team has created a Mic Check tool, which allows you to test your mic setup for free. This is a brilliant tool to use if you’re a podcaster and you may not have the budget to purchase fancy mics. The tool tests out your mic and suggests simple and effective changes you can make to improve your sound. It’s super helpful! 

Adobe Podcast Pricing

Despite being discreet on pricing specifics, they cleverly offer a mix of compelling free and paid features.

Has Free Tier

Public Pricing

Enterprise Plan

Double Check Pricing

*Last Updated: Nov 09, 2023

Premium Trial

30 Days

1 hour max per day

Audio restoration

Noise reduction

Paid Plan



16% off with Annual plan

Bulk upload of files

Up to 4 hours a day with files up to 1GB


NaN% off with Annual

Adobe Podcast Q&A

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