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Added: Jun 13, 2023

Fliki Review: Our Insider Tips and Verdict [2023]

Fliki creates life-like voiceovers and customized videos with visuals, background music, and branded subtitles in minutes.

What does Fliki do?

Fliki is an AI-powered text-to-video and text-to-speech software that offers over 1000 voices in 75 different languages. According to the website, its features include millions of images, video clips, and background music to choose from, branded subtitles, and a fast and snappy interface with quick audio rendering. It is best for creating life-like voiceovers in minutes, producing videos with visuals and background music, and customizing videos with branded subtitles.

Use cases include creating engaging videos for marketing, content creation, and introducing content in a local language. Fliki may stand out from its competitors with its AI-powered voices and fast and snappy interface.

One of the key features of Fliki is its ability to add background music and provide access to a vast stock library of photos, images, and AI voices. This diverse range of options allows users to create visually stunning and AI-narrated videos. The platform offers a gallery of premade AI voices that free, basic, and standard users can utilize to narrate their videos. For those seeking even more customization, premium users have the option to upgrade and utilize the Voice cloning tool, enabling them to create their own unique voice by providing a sample audio clip.

In a recent development, Fliki introduced a fine-tuning feature that empowers users to manually adjust the pitch, rate, and volume of the AI voice for individual sections of the script. This new tool provides content creators and marketers with enhanced control over their video production process, enabling them to repurpose their content more efficiently and effectively.

Upon registering an account with Fliki, users are welcomed by an interface featuring three primary tabs: Files, Podcasts, and Books. The Files tab serves as the core area where users can bring their ideas to life by transforming blog posts, PowerPoints, or tweets into captivating short video clips.


  • Ideas - Likely ChatGPT driven
  • Blog Posts
  • Power Points
  • Tweets and Tweet Threads


  • Video clips with
    • AI Voice Narration
    • Stock Videos, Images, Music

Within this tab, users are presented with a comprehensive timeline that displays the voiceover, script, and video content they have selected from their library. Additionally, a preview of the final edit is available before exporting the completed video. This Files section constitutes approximately 95% of the product's functionality, making it the primary focus of Fliki.

The remaining two tabs, Podcasts and Books, appear somewhat perplexing. Under the Podcasts tab, users have the option to convert their blog posts and PowerPoints into audio files, allowing them to organize their content as podcast episodes. Similarly, the Books tab offers a comparable functionality where users can convert their blog posts and PowerPoints into audio files known as "Chapters." While there may be users creating with these features, we aren’t certain these two parts of the product serve a real purpose or audience. Mainly because we can’t remember the last time or anytime someone tried to launch a podcast with a PowerPoint.

  • 75+ Languages
  • 750+ Voices

When we signed up, we started with the basic plan, but we rapidly started pushing the credit limits. At first, we couldn’t figure out why, but then we realized that credits are spent every time you preview a section or full preview. So if you have a 15-second section and you preview it, make some edits, and preview the section again. You didn’t spend 15 credits; you spent 15 + 15 = 30 credits. And again, after you edit and preview all the sections, we assume most users want to preview the final cut, right? Well, then you're going to have to pay credits for that too.

There is one effective way around this; instead of pressing the preview button on each section, just highlight the parts you want to hear and click “Pronounce”. It will preview the selection without using your credits. Additionally, we’d advise you to estimate your usage by a country mile because you’ll likely run out if you don't.

We Love:

  • Very strong efficiency boost in repurposing twitter threads
  • Has +100 languages and dialects
  • Built by the team which has a track record of product improvement and customer support

We Hate:

  • Usage is quite limited until you get premium: Stock image / video library and usage credits
  • Most voices sounds like an ai voice, no matter how much we tried


Click to enlarge
A peak at the voices.
A peak at the voices.
Turning a thread into short clips.
Turning a thread into short clips.
Updated pricing information.
Updated pricing information.

Our Verdict on Fliki

The big question: Is Fliki worth it?

We think the answer is yes, as long as you understand it's a tool and not a 100% solution to recycling written content to video and audio.

Fliki does a fantastic job of quickly getting your Twitter thread 80% of the way to a TikTok video - but there's still manual work on the backend to get to a polished social media post.

This isn't any old text-to-speech software that's been around for +10 years; it's a relatively significant improvement on most available options.



  • Transforms plain text from various sources, such as blog posts, PowerPoints, and tweets, into captivating short clip videos or audio clips.
  • Offers access to a vast stock library of photos, images, music, and AI voices.
  • Allows users to manually adjust the pitch, rate, and volume of the AI voice for individual sections of the script, enhancing control over video production.


    • Marketers can create engaging videos with AI powered voices in minutes to promote their products and services.
    • Content creators can use Fliki to quickly create videos with human-like voices and branded subtitles to post on social media.
    • Business owners can use Fliki to create videos with natural-sounding voices in their local language to introduce their content.

    Insider Tips

    • Use the credits sparingly and wisely on the basic plan.
    • Start with strong content, or else the output content will be weak.

    Fliki Pricing

    Unlock voice cloning and 600-mins monthly credit with the top-tier feature set!

    Has Free Tier

    Public Pricing

    Enterprise Plan

    Double Check Pricing

    *Last Updated: Oct 24, 2023


    Limited Features / Credits

    5-mins credit monthly

    Convert blog articles

    720p resolution videos




    25% off with Annual plan

    180-mins credit monthly

    1080p resolution videos




    25% off with Annual

    600-mins credit monthly

    Voice cloning

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