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Added: Nov 16, 2023

Invideo is an AI-powered content creation and editing tool.

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What does Invideo do?

With apps like TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat soaking up so much of our attention these days, it’s perhaps inevitable everyone from brands to influencers are incorporating video into their messaging. And so it goes, there are a plethora of editing tools to help create such content.

One of those tools is Invideo, a web-based editing platform that also incorporates some AI features.

With Invideo, you have access to a large library of stock videos and images that you can use in your projects, along with the option to upload your own files. Invideo also has a bank of templates to help you get started, the ability to add text, logos, your own music, and much more. In short, it’s a very capable editing platform.

Where things get interesting with Invideo is how it utilizes AI; the app offers an AI text-to-video feature, which drafts a script based on a simple prompt. (I went with “a video about AI.”) From there you click the Create Scenes tab, and the tool pulls together stock footage and clips to build a short video for you. It’s not perfect (some of the suggested shots had very little to do with the text they were matched with), but Invideo makes it easy enough to make adjustments.

Invideo also has a text-to-speech voice over tool that I found to be fairly reliable, though the selection of voices may not be for everyone. Nonetheless, it certainly has everything needed to create a simple video without ever having to pick up a camera.

We Love:

  • Approachable layout.
  • A good amount of basic tools for cutting clips.
  • Good AI voice-over feature.

We Hate:

  • The text-to-video feature can be hit-and-miss.


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Invideo’s layout is very straightforward.
Invideo’s layout is very straightforward.
The app has plenty of editing features, ensuring you have what you need to create a professional video.
The app has plenty of editing features, ensuring you have what you need to create a professional video.
The text-to-video features can throw up some strange images.
The text-to-video features can throw up some strange images.

Our Verdict on Invideo

I’ve personally been editing professional content for more than a decade, so I was surprised to see how much a web-based editor can do these days. Still, while the AI elements on offer here are not as strong as tools from competing platforms such as Runway ML, they are still good enough for the basics.

Overall, Invideo was seemingly built to appeal to non-professional editors who want to just put together a video that looks and sounds good. On this front, Invideo performs very well. But while it mostly does well with the AI tools, Invideo is not necessarily the best in class. And that may be fine for many, but others may find themselves searching elsewhere.

Compared Alternatives

  • Veed.io - More fully featured studio than Invideo but comes with a few clunky downsides because of that.
  • Clipchamp - Feels like a slimmed down version of Invideo, slightly less features, slightly less product development; if you need a quick solution with no learning curve; this is your solution.


  • Edit your own footage.
  • Match stock footage with royalty free music.
  • Create a portrait video.


  • Use Invideo to create an explainer video.
  • Generate short clips for social platforms.

Insider Tips

  • Select a template based on the overlay graphics, rather than suggested use-case.
  • Upload imagery from free stock services, rather than using the watermarked content supplied via Invideo.

Invideo Pricing

Their Enterprise pricing offers an unrivalled top feature of robust scalability options.

Has Free Tier

Public Pricing

Enterprise Plan

Double Check Pricing

*Last Updated: Nov 16, 2023


Limited Features / Credits

10 mins of AI Generation

10 GB Storage

4 exports per week with invideo logo




20% off with Annual plan

50 mins/ month of AI Generation

100 GB Storage




20% off with Annual

Unlimited exports

400 GB Storage

Invideo Q&A

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