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Added: Apr 20, 2023

Stockimg Review: Our Insider Tips and Verdict [2023]

AI-powered visuals for professionals.

What does Stockimg do? allows you to create great looking visuals for your business. is an AI image generator targeted towards professionals to help them quickly and easily create imagery. You’ll never miss a deadline again with on your side.

With you can quickly create a whole set of different assets in one place. These include wallpaper designs, stock images, logos, QR codes, text effects, Web UI and even book covers. Create your designs from scratch or use the templates to get your creative juices flowing (side note: Templates are Social media focused). As well as creating professional looking assets for your business you can also upscale images, take advantage of a diverse range of different model types and dive into the image library for some inspiration.

To use you will need to create an account. There’s a few different pricing plans to try out. The free plan includes 1 image credit, access to all features, image history, AI upscaling, GPU enables and Fast generation. The Starter plan will cost you $19/month, which includes everything in the free plan as well as, 500 image credits and commercial usage license for 1 person. The Premium plan costs $29/month and includes everything in the Starter plan, plus 1000 image credits. And finally, the Enterprise plan which will set you back $299/month, includes everything in the Premium plan, as well as 5000 image credits and commercial usage license for 10 people.

Each generation will cost you 1 credit, which is a real shame because you don’t get a real chance to try before you buy with this platform. You can only generate one image and then you’ll have to move up to a paid membership, not ideal if you want to have a bit of an experiment.

Once you’ve got your account up and running it’s time to get creating, or so what I thought…

Before signing up for the free trial, I was really impressed by the It’s a super clean and sleek website that really drew me in. It’s also really easy to navigate, perfect if this is your first experience with an AI image generator platform. BUT, once I signed up, I was then extremely disappointed, it was an emotional rollercoaster. Nothing seemed to work.

As mentioned, in the free membership you are given one token to play around with, so you should be able to create something. I tried clicking on numerous different categories, clicking the ‘generate’ button and nothing would load. I tried clicking on the templates, nothing would load. I even tried clicking on the gallery to have a nosey at other work, and you guessed it, nothing would load. When you do click on a different page you are then bombarded by the ‘pricing plan’ page. It felt like were trying to pull a cheeky one over me, to get me to pay for a membership and that left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth.

After about 9,765 attempts, 3 different search browsers and turning on a VPN, the ‘projects’ page finally opened! You have the choice to include your own prompt, or have surprise you. There are so many different tools and settings to choose from that I think it would be hard to generate something that you didn’t like. You have you own board that you can build on and add many different generated images to, I really like this feature as you have a nice overview of everything you’ve created and you can see what does and doesn’t work. Once you’ve generated your image you can save it out to a handful of different formats PNG, JPG, SVG and PDF. So whatever your needs, it’s got you sorted.

Even though I’m still annoyed at for playing with me… the images are extremely high quality and I would happily use these to promote my business.

We Love:

  • User-friendly interface
  • High quality imagery

We Hate:

  • Extremely buggy


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Start generating great imagery for your business.
Start generating great imagery for your business.
Super high quality imagery in a matter of seconds - it’s some type of magic!
Super high quality imagery in a matter of seconds - it’s some type of magic!
The gallery of all galleries.
The gallery of all galleries.

Our Verdict on Stockimg

So, you can probably guess my overall thoughts on this platform. It was a real shame that it took me what felt like 20 minutes to start generating actual images. However, saying this, once it started working, I was extremely happy with how high the quality of images were.

The pricing plans are quite expensive, but if you are on the hunt for high quality professional looking images and you don’t mind splashing the cash and facing a few bugs - try out


  • Renderforest - Their free trial actually works! But the image quality doesn’t seem as high as


  • AI image generator
  • AI image upscaling
  • Image Archive


  • An author experimenting with different book cover designs
  • A marketing team creating promotional posters
  • A social media manager creating social posts for a client

Insider Tips

  • The free membership does not include a commercial usage license for the image you have generated.
  • So please don’t go using the image commercially, it’s purely for experiment purposes.

Stockimg Pricing

Unleash limitless creativity with unlimited image credits in their affordable paid package!

Has Free Tier

Public Pricing

Enterprise Plan

Double Check Pricing

*Last Updated: Oct 24, 2023


Limited Features / Credits

1 Image Credit

1 Project

10 categories

Starter Plan



45% off with Annual plan

Unlimited Image Credits

Commercial usage on products




50% off with Annual

Access to all features

AI Upscaling to 4x

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Lydia Melvin is a Content Producer focused on tech reviews and interviews.

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Jack Woodwalker is a tech reviewer, former engineer and the CEO of AllThingsAI.

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