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Added: May 24, 2023

Rewind AI is an AI-assistant records everything you do and makes it searchable.

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What does Rewind do?

The search engine for your life. Find anything you've seen, said, or heard, we’re talking about Rewind AI. Rewind AI is a personalised AI powered by everything you have seen. Download on MacOS or iOS and never lose anything, ever again.

Rewind AI records everything you do and makes it searchable. Maybe you were on a call and mentioned a great bakery that you can’t for the life of you remember the name of. Or maybe you received an email including an important client’s birthday that you need to order flowers for. Search for a specific text and a few seconds later you’ll be presented with all the times that text has been used. We’re living in the future…

So how does it work? It sounds a bit wild. Basically, Rewind AI runs in the background and records your screen. It makes a note of every word that appears and stores the recordings locally on your computer. The recordings are compressed so they aren’t taking up all of your memory. When you want to search for something specific, type in your word and the memory is unlocked. It recognises text, text in videos and calls. To use Rewind AI you will need install it on either your Mac or iPhone, if your a Windows person, don’t worry - your time is coming! The Rewind AI team are currently working on the Windows version as we speak.

As well as peaking through old memories and texts, you can even ask the Rewind AI to review documents, summarise meetings and draft emails. But bare in mind, the platform doesn’t actually record everything. When it comes to meetings, it will only record your side of the conversation and what you say. It doesn’t record or take note of the other attendees. This is ideal from a privacy point of view, but it’s not a replacement for a note-taking tool. Check out Wudpecker or Fireflies if that’s what you’re looking for.

Let’s talk security. When I first read about Rewind AI, I was automatically put off. I don’t want people having access to everything I do and say. Of course, Rewind AI have put many measures in place when it comes to privacy. Rewind AI take a privacy-first approach. For starters, everything is stored locally, no cloud integration is required. You can decide what apps you want to get captured, your data is encrypted, you can pause your screen and microphone at any time and delete recordings easily. You can even choose how long your Rewind AI data stays on your machine for. It feels like they have thought of everything.

After downloading the tool, you’re given a walkthrough of how it works. This was super helpful as I found the interface quite complicated. Even with the walkthrough, I still had to play around with the tool for a while to fully understand how it worked. It’s not the easiest thing to use, but the more you use it the more familiar it will become.

Rewind AI offer a 30-day free trial where you can test out the Rewind Pro membership. This will give you access to a whole bunch of goodies, including: Recording compressed and stored locally on your device, unlimited search for anything you’ve seen, said, or heard, unlimited personalised AI that can answer any question, unlimited human-level transcript summarisation, priority human support and so much more!

After the thirty days the Pro membership will cost you $29/month or alternatively, you can move forward with the free plan. The free plan includes many of the same features as the Pro membership, but many of these features are limited, so keep that in mind when choosing your plan!

We Love:

  • Available on MacOS and iOS
  • The text search works pretty well!
  • Shows you exactly what you said and what you were viewing at that very time

We Hate:

  • It’s quite expensive!
  • Only records your side of the meeting, it won’t take note of other attendees.


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Sign up to never forget anything ever again
Sign up to never forget anything ever again
Search for a specific word
Search for a specific word
Be reminded of all the things you’ve forgotten about
Be reminded of all the things you’ve forgotten about

Our Verdict on Rewind

Rewind AI is a pretty impressive tool. It really does feel like you have your own personal assistant on hand to help you remember things and get tasks done. It did make me feel a little uncomfortable knowing that everything was being recorded. They’ve done a really good job on the privacy side of things, but I still felt a bit off using the tool.

I am also quite surprised at how expensive the tool is. It’s brilliant that they offer a 30-day free trial, so you can really take it for a spin before committing. If you’re a serious user, it might be worth it!

Compared Alternatives

  • Flamory - groups related snapshots into different topics, making it super easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. Flamory hasn’t been updated in a while, so may be buggy and not up to expectations. You’ll be better off sticking with Rewind.
  • Memex - offers a Google Chrome and FireFox extension and allows you to annotate YouTube videos and highlight previously seen documents. You can share these with your team members, even if they don’t have to be Memex users! The downside of Memex is that there is a page limit, unlike Rewind. With Rewind you can review as many pages, texts and recordings as you like!


  • AI-chatbot
  • AI-assistance
  • Email creator
  • Document reviewer
  • Rewind retention


  • A manager wanting to take notes in a business meeting
  • A customer researcher reviewing previous interview notes
  • A user want to discover old documents and searches

Insider Tips

  • Be careful not to turn the tool off too much, you may forget to turn it back on. The reason why the tool is so useful is because it’s always running in the background and remembering the important things you don’t realise are important at the time. Don’t miss out on the good stuff, keep it switched on.

Rewind Pricing

Despite its top-notch features, it's remarkable how transparent they are with their pricing!

Has Free Tier

Public Pricing

Enterprise Plan

Double Check Pricing

*Last Updated: Nov 04, 2023


Limited Credits

Free use of AI Chatbot

Recordings and Devices

Free limited use of Transcription

Rewind Pro



34% off with Annual plan

Unlimed human-level transcription

Unlimited use of Personalized AI


0% off with Annual

Rewind Q&A

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