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Added: Jun 13, 2023

AI background generator for product images.

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What does Pebblely do?

Product shoots are expensive and complicated. There are lots of moving parts, you have to find a space, a team, and a time that works for everyone… a logistical nightmare. Save yourself the hassle and give Pebblely a go. Pebblely is an AI-powered background generator that was made to help you create Instagram-worthy photos of your products. In a matter of seconds, you can have a stunning generated photo of your product on a high-quality background.

Pebblely offers a free membership that includes 40 images every month, 1024X1024 images, and 20 background themes. Plenty to get started with. If you want to generate more than 40 images per month, you might want to check out one of the paid memberships from Pebblely. The basic plan $19/month - 1000 images every month, custom sizes up to 2048X2048, 20 background themes, custom backgrounds, images with multiple products and post-generated editing. Now, if you’re serious when it comes to your product images, you might need a bit more than 1000 images every month. The pro plan $39/month includes unlimited images, custom backgrounds, custom sizes up to 2048X2048, post-generator editing and priority support. The Pebblely team are always working on development of the tool, so I’m excited to see what they come out with next.

To use Pebblely, you’ll have to create an account. Once you’ve got this up and running, upload your product shot and Pebblely will do the work for you. The powerful AI separates the product from the background and removes the background from the shot. Perfect if you just want a PNG of your product. If you’re not happy with what’s been removed from you shot, you can click on ‘refine background’ and remove parts of the background manually. But just a heads up that this is more fiddly and time consuming. I thought the background removal was ok, for some images I did find that the removal was quite choppy and it was clear that the product had been cut from another image. To avoid this, try and upload a high quality product image.

Once you’re happy with the removal of the background, you’ll be able to generate a new background for your product shot. You can either pick ‘surprise me’ and the AI will surprise you with four different backgrounds or you can pick from a range of different themes, including: Studio, outdoors, gift, silk etc. If you want to add other assets, layers, create custom backgrounds or update sizing, you will have to sign up to one of the paid memberships. It’s a shame there isn’t more to play with in the free membership.

If you need a bit of of inspiration Pebblely have an image gallery and blog that you can get involved in. It’s great to see what is achievable when using Pebblely. Now, if that isn’t enough, don’t worry, they also have a Slack channel that you can join. Ask questions and queries that you have, to other likeminded Pebblely people.

We Love:

  • Great customer service
  • Create a wide range of marketing assets from a single image
  • High quality background images

We Hate:

  • Sometimes the cut out feature will miscalculate
  • Takes time to generate


Click to enlarge
Select your image
Select your image
Watch Pebblely work it’s magic
Watch Pebblely work it’s magic
You can even add new backgrounds!
You can even add new backgrounds!

Our Verdict on Pebblely

Pebblely is so easy to use. The user interface is simple and easy to follow and it allows you to have a new generated image in a matter of seconds.

Unfortunately, you can’t play around too much in the free plan. To take advantage of all the features you will have to sign up to a paid membership. I’d love to see more of these features becoming available in the free plan, so you have the chance to really play around with the tool before fully committing.

I would also like to see the Pebblely team work on improving the quality of the background removal feature. Sometimes it works really well, but sometimes it feels very choppy and not as smooth as it should be. Overall, I think Pebblely is a great tool that will help you up your product imagery game.

Compared Alternatives

  • Photoroom - super high quality backgrounds, loads of backgrounds to choose from, detailed removal etc. But sadly, you don’t get all of that for free. Photoroom offer a 7-day free trial and then after that, you’ll be paying $69.99/year, which is pretty expensive…
  • Hotpot.ai - As well as a background remover, Hotpot.ai also allows you to remove other objects from your shots, so you can do a real clean up job! The quality isn’t always the best, so make sure you keep an eye out.


  • AI-background removal
  • Image resizer
  • Post-generator editor
  • Background generator


  • A content creator creating assets for Instagram
  • A brand manager creating product shots for a brands website

Insider Tips

  • Pebblely provides an API for individuals and companies, make sure to sign up!
  • When sharing your product images with Pebblely, try and share high quality, clear images. Make sure there is a clear difference between the product in the foreground and the background. This will make it so much easier for the AI to remove the background without interfering with the main product.

Pebblely Pricing

Premium pricing unlocks unlimited images and multi-product visuals. Enterprise plan available.

Has Free Tier

Public Pricing

Enterprise Plan

Double Check Pricing

*Last Updated: Nov 30, 2023


Limited Features / Credits

40 Images per month

20 background themes

1024 x 1024 images




0% off with Annual plan

1000 Images per month

Custom Backgrounds




0% off with Annual

Unlimited Images

Images with multiple products

Pebblely Q&A

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