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Added: Oct 24, 2023

AI Stable Diffusion image generation for artists, designers and creative.

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What does Mage Space do?

Mage Space is an AI image generation platform, perfect for artists, designers and creatives looking to generate some gorgeous pieces of work. Mage Space is running on Stable Diffusion. If you’re like me and have no idea what Stable Diffusion is, don’t stress, I’ve done the work for you. Stable Diffusion is a recently developed text-to-image AI model that uses deep learning to create super high-quality images directly from your prompts and descriptions. And when I say high-quality, I mean it.

Make sure you create a Mage Space account so you can get get generating. If you’ve used an AI image generation platform before the interface will be familiar to you. As well as text-to-image generation, Mage Space also offers image-to-image generation. It allows you to integrate you prompt with your shared image which is pretty cool. Include your image prompt in the generation bar, decide on the type of style and model you’d like to move forward with, give it a minute and you’ll have your generated image ready and waiting.

Once your image has been generated, it is automatically made ‘public’. Other creators can like, follow and add comments to your art, pretty similar to the Instagram model. Don’t worry, if you want to keep your creations to yourself, simply tick the ‘private’ box and they’ll be for your eyes only. If you’re looking for some AI art inspo, Mage Space have an explore page that you can sift through to help get your creative juices flowing. Now if that isn’t enough for you, you can also join the Mage Space server. This is a great server to join if you’re new to Mage Space or the AI image generation space. There are channels for learning how to use Mage Space, resources and FAQs, so you’ll find out everything you need on this server.

You can use Mage Space for free (hooray!). The free plan includes unlimited creations, unlimited privacy and unlimited enhancements. But the free plan doesn’t include too many model options to choose from. Now, if you want access to more features and models you’ll have to upgrade to the Pro Plan. The Pro plan will cost $15/month and includes a whole range of goodies like unlimited creations, unlimited privacy, unlimited enhancements, optional safety filter, multiple active sessions, ad-free, increased step count, 90+ fine-tune models, 20000+ LoRAs, 2000+ textual inversions, premium GPUs (A100, A10G), and create GIFS (Single Session). A lot is included in this plan, so I think the price is pretty fair.

If you want to create high quality, professional looking images then I would highly recommend giving Mage Space a whirl.

We Love:

  • You can create as many images as you want!
  • You can privatise your generated images
  • High quality images

We Hate:

  • Image generation is not as fast as other platforms


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Like it says, you can create anything
Like it says, you can create anything

Our Verdict on Mage Space

I was super impressed with Mage Space, the quality of the generated images really blew me away. Sometimes when you generate images, they can feel a bit ‘cheap’ and the quality just doesn’t hit the mark. Mage Space, hits. the. mark. It’s a super powerful AI tool, that you can have a lot of fun with. I do suggest investing into the paid plan, as this is where the magic really happens.

So whether you’re an artist, content creator or just someone who wants to play around with AI, make sure you’re giving Mage Space the time of day.

Compared Alternatives

  • Artroom AI - They offer quite a few different pricing plans to choose from, allowing you to sign up to for the one the best suits your needs. Sadly, the image quality isn’t on par with that of Mage Space.


  • AI image generator
  • Image remix capability
  • Extensive model variety
  • Image upscaling


  • A photographer testing out a new idea
  • An artist wanting to create a piece of work quickly
  • A designer generating cutting-edge work

Insider Tips

  • You can even generate your own GIFs! But be aware that this is only possible in the paid plan.
  • Mage Space have a public Notion page that you can take advantage of. This is a great resource for getting up to speed on how to use the platform effectively. Make sure to give it a look!

Mage Space Pricing

Access 130+ fine-tuned models with an affordable premium upgrade. Superior value!

Has Free Tier

Public Pricing

Enterprise Plan

Double Check Pricing

*Last Updated: Nov 04, 2023


Limited Features / Credits

Unlimited Creations

Unlimited Privacy

Unlimited Enhance




0% off with Annual plan

130+ Fine-Tuned Models

Mage Exclusive Models




0% off with Annual

Multiple Active Sessions

Increased Step Count

Mage Space Q&A

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