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Added: Feb 07, 2024

It is an intelligent platform that replaces traditional 911 with Al-driven incident categorization.

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What does Gedeon do?

Gedeon is an AI-based tool designed to improve and innovate security and emergency responses. It carries out advanced analytics, data processing and provides intelligent decision-making capabilities.

The tool contains different functionalities to aid in handling various emergency scenarios. It includes intelligent incident categorization, which automatically assesses and categorizes emergency incidents, assigning priorities for a quicker and more effective response.

Gedeon also features an AI assistant that responds to voice commands, delivers real-time information and supports efficient communication between different users and relevant professionals.

An AI chatbot is integrated to deliver immediate help, particularly useful for those with disabilities that hinder verbal communication. Gedeon plays a pivotal role in data analysis which helps to refine the efficiency of its operations and services.

The system features crime mapping, providing visualized data of the locations and frequency of criminal incidents. It can also generate insurance maps that identify patterns and critical points to suggest safer routes.

It's equipped with a productivity analysis feature to evaluate the efficiency of emergency services and informs decision making. Lastly, it's capable of automatic report generation, creating detailed incident reports based on the data it gathers.

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