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Added: Jun 13, 2023

Doctrina AI is an AI-powered tool designed to help students learn more effectively, with features such as automated feedback, personalized study plans, and interactive platforms.

What does Doctrina AI do?

Doctrina AI is an AI-powered tool designed for students to help them learn more effectively. It offers features such as EssayGenius, QuizForge, StudyBuddy, TextTuner and BookTalker. EssayGenius provides automated feedback and suggestions to improve writing, QuizForge offers an interactive platform to practice and master knowledge, StudyBuddy provides personalized study plans, TextTuner checks for errors and BookTalker provides audio summaries.

According to the website, Doctrina AI stands out from other software competitors with its AI-powered tools to help students write better essays and its interactive platform to help master knowledge. It also provides personalized study plans and automated feedback. Teachers can use it to grade essays quickly, students can use it to prepare for exams and professors can create and assign interactive study materials.

We Love:

  • Revolutionizes study with AI-summarized notes.
  • Streamlines essay writing with AI-generated structure.
  • Personalizes exam prep via AI-crafted quizzes.

We Hate:

  • Lack of offline functionality limits access.
  • SDK requires notable technical skills.


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Our Verdict on Doctrina AI

Compared Alternatives


  • Streamlines study sessions by improving class notes.
  • Kickstarts essay writing with structured guidance.
  • Personalizes exam prep with custom test creation.
  • Offers interactive quizzing based on chosen difficulty level.
  • Provides a virtual assistant for academic queries and discussions.


  • Ideal for students, it transforms class notes into concise summaries.
  • Assists writers by structuring and initiating thought processes for essays.
  • Teachers can create custom exams based on various parameters for effective testing.

Insider Tips

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Doctrina AI Q&A

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