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Upgrade Your Career: Pro Resume Templates & Examples [2024]

Reviewed: Feb 07, 2024

Looking and applying for a new job, is a job in itself. Updating your resume, writing cover letters and actually finding the jobs can be a big pain. It’s a heavy process that can takeover your life until you find and land that new job.

Resumeworded is saying no to this headache and has been created to help you improve your resume and get ahead in your career. With AI that was created by real hiring managers, Resumeworded shares all the tips and tricks you need to get your foot in the door.

Resumeworded has loads of features that you can play around with. A full suite of tools, to help you with every step of the process. Instant resume review, is where Resumeworded review your resume in a matter of seconds. Once they’ve had a scan of your resume, they share some great pieces of feedback so you can improve your resume nice and quickly. Another feature you should definitely take advantage of is the LinkedIn optimiser, just like the resume review tool, Resumeworded will review your LinkedIn profile and let you know what needs to be done to optimise your profile.

Over 1 million people have Resumeworded so far and have landed their dream jobs. They also have over 250+ sample bullet points on hand, so if you need a bit of inspiration, you’ll find it straight away with the help of Resumeworded.

Resumeworded doesn’t just have a quick look at your offerings and then share generic feedback. It goes into the nitty gritty and checks out the impact, brevity and style. When it comes to style, they measure this against different buzzwords or cliches, dates and readability etc.

To use Resumeworded you will need to create an account. You can either sign in with Facebook, Google or email. It only takes a matter of seconds to get up and running. We love a tool that has a free version and Resumeworded’s free version is pretty great. You really do get a lot of value from it, it feels like you can achieve exactly what you want. But if you want to get into the granular details and have a few extras to play with, you will have to upgrade to the Pro plan. This includes unlocking full resume review, getting your hands of top resumes that you can copy and much much more.

Why try not try it out for yourself and see how far you get!


  • AI resume tool
  • Instant resume review
  • Resume samples
  • Resume optimiser
  • Cover letter checklist
  • Linkedin optimisation


  • Someone looking for a new job
  • Someone using LinkedIn to find new job opportunities
  • Someone looking for help with their cover letter

Insider Tips

  • Make sure you’re using the tool in the most efficient and useful way by signing up to a demo with the Resumeworded team. They’ll run through everything the tool can offer and you’ll have 10/10 resume in no time! 
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