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Added: Sep 15, 2023

The AI art model hub for sharing, discovering and collaborating.

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What does Civitai do?

Do you love to experiment with different AI art models? Creating your own or investigating into what models other people have come up with? Then surely, you’ve already heard of Civitai right? If you haven’t, don’t worry. Civitai is an online hub for AI art models. Think Pinterest, but for AI art models and styles. It’s a place that you can share, discover and browse different models, perfect if you’re looking for a bit of inspiration and feedback. 

Create an account, upload your model and share it with the world. It’s as simple as that. Civitai is all about collaboration, creativity and community. Share feedback on other creator’s models and help them improve. There’s also a Civitai Discord channel that you can get involved with, so you can speak directly to other creators, share learnings and carry on creating - it feels like you’re really part of something.

The Civitai team are constantly working on making updates and improving the platform. They have a great feature where you can actually submit your ideas directly to them, so if it’s a new feature, tool or thought you’d like to share, you can! 

There are hundreds of different models on the platform to discover and try out, but if you have a specific style in mind, make sure to use the search engine so you can find your perfect model nice and quick. Once you’ve found the model you were looking for, you’ll be shown a list of different services that are compatible with the chosen model, meaning you’ll be creating something beautiful on your preferred platform, in no time.

Civitai wanted to created an open source AI art model platform that was accessible to all, democratising AI media creation and making it a shared inclusive journey. It now makes sense why there is such a sense of community! And for this reason, Civitai is also free to use. If you want to give back to the platform, they do have the option to become a supporter and/or a donator. The support tier will set you back $5/month but you will get early access to new features, a unique supporter tier badge, a unique nameplate colour and a unique Discord role. If you would like to make a donation, your one time donation includes a unique donator badge, a nameplate colour and unique Discord role for 30 days.

The sense of community and support doesn’t stop there. Delve into loads of different posts that were created by Civitai members, where they share their insights and experiences on how to use file types, different tools and they AI model techniques - there’s plenty to learn! It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned AI art model pro or just getting started. Civitai welcomes you to the AI model world with open arms. 

We Love:

  • Free of charge!
  • The Discord community is extremely supportive
  • A perfect platform for inspiration

We Hate:

  • The platform can be quite overwhelming, as there are so many different art models that have been shared!


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Choose from the best of the best.
Choose from the best of the best.
Share your masterpiece model with the community.
Share your masterpiece model with the community.
Help make Civitai an even better platform by sharing your ideas.
Help make Civitai an even better platform by sharing your ideas.

Our Verdict on Civitai

If you’re looking for a community that is focused around AI Art, then sign up to Civitai now! It’s an extremely welcoming, empowering and friendly community that will have you creating more and more AI generated art in no time. 

The Civitai are constantly working on improving the platform, so why not get involved, share your thoughts and be a part of something!

Compared Alternatives

  • Hugging Face - doesn’t only focus on models for AI Art but also audio, language processing and computer vision. To have full access to Hugging Face you will need to pay $9/month for the pro account. 
  • DreamStudio - You can create new AI artwork but also edit and expand images. So this may be more up your street if you need to edit original images. You do only have access to 60+ AI art models, whereas when it comes to Civitai you can get your hands on hundreds!


  • AI art generator
  • AI art model search engine 
  • Resource manager (Available to supporters)


  • A developer collaborating with other AI model developers.
  • Artists accessing other AI art models for inspiration.
  • Professors educating their students on different AI art models

Insider Tips

  • Explore Civitai’s REST API for access to response status codes, headers and response bodies. 
  • If you’re stuck with any of the models or need help with creating something specific, check out the article section of the site. The community share their knowledge and learnings on a wide range of different things, so you’ll be confident and creating in a flash.

Civitai Pricing

Enjoy the liberty to generate images and create articles absolutely free of cost!

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Double Check Pricing

*Last Updated: Nov 04, 2023

Free Forever


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