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Added: Jun 13, 2023

Caktus AI is an AI-powered software tool that helps you write, solve, and code faster, with personalized feedback and tutorials.

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What does Caktus AI do?

Caktus AI, or Cactus AI as it’s better known by, is a platform designed to help students learn and better understand their classroom material. The platform contains an AI-powered essay writer which lets you easily find citations and improve your writing and I was particularly impressed with the question-solving tool which lets you walk through difficult math equations, tricky sentence structures, or mind-bending physics questions.

If you’re studying computer science or IT like I did, you’ll be glad to know Caktus also has a module for helping you understand tricky coding problems. The platform supports over 10 languages, including Java, Javascript and Python and just like the math question solver, Caktus AI can walk you through what each line of code means and even convert code from one language into another for you.

We Love:

  • Lots of features for multiple subjects
  • Very human-sounding essay generation
  • Math solver is incredibly useful

We Hate:

  • Hard to find any contact for support
  • Not as fast as competitors such as Jasper


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Main dashboard of classes, documents and tools
Main dashboard of classes, documents and tools
Opening up the essay composer...
Opening up the essay composer...
Their subscription plans for students
Their subscription plans for students

Our Verdict on Caktus AI

If at any point in your academic career you think life is hard, spare a moment for my school experience 10 years ago when math teachers still thought having a calculator in your pocket at all times was a crazy idea.

Caktus AI is a revolution in learning and stands out against the crowd with it’s suite of learning tools and holds its own against competitors with a convincing, human-sounding essay writing tool. It’s not always fast enough to produce useful output during a lecture, but if you’re willing to put in the effort after class, Caktus AI is the closest thing to a perfect AI learning platform you’re ever going to find.

Compared Alternatives

  • JasperAI - Choose this if you want a more general-purpose writing tool
  • BookCoach - Pair this with Caktus AI to easily summarise classroom materials and ask questions of any books you’ve been assigned


  • AI essay writing platform with a full essay generator and support for finding citations, improving your writing
  • Maths Equation solver with AI walk-throughs
  • Code explainer, with support for over 10 languages include Python, Java, C++ and Javascript
  • Paragraph generator, especially useful if you don’t want Caktus AI to write your entire essay, but you still want some help from the AI writing assistant


  • Writing human-sounding essays, complete with full citations and sources
  • Understanding difficult work from maths, physics or data classes
  • Understanding and completing coding assignments
  • General AI-assisted learning in any classroom

Insider Tips

  • Caktus comes with a trial period of 5,000 characters for free. This is more than enough to test out the platform and make sure it’s worth paying for
  • Some teachers might frown on using Caktus AI in the classroom, but remember the AI platform can help you take better lecture notes in class, it can help you ask better questions or formulate better ideas and it can free you up to spend more time listening to your professor and less time staring at a screen. Teachers take note!
  • Caktus AI produces essays which sound more convincing and human-like than ChatGPT does, so it’s worth the extra cost
  • One of my biggest frustrations with coding problems is finding the missing semi-colon or other syntax problems professors sneak in there to make sure you’re paying attention. Even if you don’t use Caktus AI’s coding features, you should consider running your final code through the platform just to make sure you haven’t missed any syntax errors.

Caktus AI Pricing

Enjoy free basics or upgrade for premium classes support and leading-edge writing tools.

Has Free Tier

Public Pricing

Enterprise Plan

Double Check Pricing

*Last Updated: Nov 04, 2023

No Free Tier


Base Plan



0% off with Annual plan

Classes Helper

Writing tools

Pro Plan



58% off with Annual

AI Detection Tool

Newest Beta Tools

Caktus AI Q&A

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