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Added: Jun 13, 2023

Brandmark helps you create a unique logo, business card, and social media graphics in minutes with AI-powered technology and intuitive design templates.

What does Brandmark do?

Brandmark is another AI logo maker in a long list of AI logo makers.

Like many of these tools, you begin by entering the name of your brand and some keywords that describe your brand, like “ai” or “media” in our case. Helpfully, Brandmark does show you some example keywords and their associated logos to help you figure out what to enter. After selecting a colour palette, you’ll be presented with a series of logos to try.

Brandmark’s logos are simplistic and plain, with little visual flair. In my testing, I found that Looka presented better and more unique results. Brandmark does have an image editor for customisation, and I applaud it for being simple to use, but Looka also wins out here with a more powerful editor. Pricing is marginally more expensive than Looka too, beginning at $25 for a logo.

Eagle-eyed AI users will notice that Brandmark’s logo editor is the same as the one built into Namelix, so if you don’t have a name for your brand yet, it’s hard not to recommend Namelix over Brandmark.

We Love:

  • Very fast and straightforward
  • Helpful prompt examples

We Hate:

  • Logo quality doesn’t match up to competitors like Looka
  • Pricing is marginally more expensive than Looka


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The AllThingsAI logo re-imagined
The AllThingsAI logo re-imagined
The editor is simple but effective
The editor is simple but effective
Their pricing as of July 2023
Their pricing as of July 2023

Our Verdict on Brandmark

Brandmark doesn’t quite hit the mark when it comes to logo generation. Although the tool is simpler to use than it’s competitors, the results are simpler too and logos from companies like Looka stand head and shoulders above Brandmark’s. Unless you’re in a rush, look elsewhere.

Compared Alternatives

  • Looka - A (slightly) cheaper competitor with better results, a better editor and a better selection of assets to imprint your logo on
  • Namelix - If you need a name and a domain to go along with your logo, you’ll be glad to know Namelix does this for free and Brandmark’s logo designer is built in to the process, at no extra charge


  • Generate logos from just a handful of keywords.
  • Download high-quality image files and get the source file for your logo.
  • Downsize your logo to neatly fit on social media platforms and add a favicon to your website.


  • Creating logos for a new brand or project
  • Creating stylised thumbnails

Insider Tips

  • Don’t opt for the $20 image - You’ll want to spend on the $65 option instead, which gives you a much higher quality of image file, but most importantly also gives you the source files in case you (or a designer you hire) want to change the logo in future
  • If the logo Brandmark has recommended you is close but not quite close enough, try hitting the Ideas button, which is a little lightbulb below the logo. This will generate the logo you like in several other colour palettes and styles for your perusal
  • Brandmark does provide a free tool for taking your logo and “crunching” it down into different sizes, with presets for social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter, as well as favicon and webclips
  • It’s worth going back and forth between the logos and the keywords to try and get the result you want - Fresh logos will be generated every time so you don’t need to worry about getting a repetitive result

Brandmark Pricing

Their top-tier pricing offers 10 unique designs with a one-time payment option!

Has Free Tier

Public Pricing

Enterprise Plan

Double Check Pricing

*Last Updated: Nov 04, 2023

No Free Tier





0% off with Annual plan

Logo files in PNG format

One-time payment




0% off with Annual

Everything in the designer package

Up to 10 fully original concepts created by our design team

Brandmark Q&A

A cartoon schematic of user ratings from our community.

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