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Added: Aug 08, 2023

BlueWillow is the "free Midjourney alternative" to generate images.

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What does BlueWillow do?

Meet BlueWillow, the fresh face in AI-generated imagery! It's here to make beautiful AI images accessible to everyone with ease. Just an FYI: BlueWillow is only accessible through Discord (just like Midjourney), so make sure you’ve signed up and have verified your Discord account before getting started. Once you’ve got an account, getting up and running couldn’t be easier. If you’ve not used something similar before, make sure to dive into the ‘getting-started’ channel to get up to speed on all things BlueWillow. In a matter of 5 simple steps, you can generate four AI images - it’s pretty wild.

BlueWillow is being marketed as the ‘free Midjourney alternative’ and for a lot of you eagle-eyed out there, you’ll probably understand why. There are quite a few similarities that the two platforms share. For instance, both platforms are only accessible through Discord and use the same command to generate an image (’/imagine’). So if you’ve used MidJourney before, you’ll definitely be able to use BlueWillow. The big difference is the price. When it comes to BlueWillow you have 25 free image prompts per day to run wild with. Once you have run out of your ‘free’ MidJourney credits, you must buy a subscription (monthly subscription ranging from $10-$60).

It may take less than a minute to generate the images themselves, but it does take some time to nail down an approach to creating efficient prompts for BlueWillow. If my prompt is ‘a cat wearing a hat, in the sun’ and I’m not happy with the image. I can only be annoyed at myself. It’s important to include as much detail as possible in the prompt that you are giving to BlueWillow. For instance, what type of cat is it? Is it a specific colour? Where is the cat? What colour is the hat? What style do I want the image in? You get the gist! Take a bit of time to figure out the right prompts for the types of images you want to generate.

Unfortunately for me, I’m no Picasso - I really struggle bringing my ideas to life. So BlueWillow is just what I needed. The discord channel is a great source for inspiration and learning too. You can peak into what others are creating and take notes on the types of prompts they’re using. You can create a range of images in a matter of minutes, saving you a whole bunch of time.

We Love:

  • The image generation speed is super fast
  • Discord is easy to navigate
  • You receive 25 image prompts per day - all free!
  • Output is 4 images, so you have options to choose from

We Hate:

  • Creation isn’t as consistent as it is on Midjourney


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Not exactly what I was hoping for…
Not exactly what I was hoping for…
What a difference a few more words make…
What a difference a few more words make…
An impressive discord server
An impressive discord server

Our Verdict on BlueWillow

If you’re new to creating AI generated images, BlueWillow is the one for you. BlueWillow is only accessible through Discord, so make sure you spend some time working your way through the Discord platform, it can be quite overwhelming if you haven’t used it before! BlueWillow is a great starting point to get comfortable with the AI process.

But, if you are looking to create more complex and visually stunning images I would point you in the direction of Midjourney. It’s been on the scene for a while now, a recognised veteran in the AI generated images space, free from any bugs. While it comes at a cost, it’s reliable and creates amazing imagery you’re not going to be mad at.

Compared Alternatives

  • Midjourney - If you’re looking to create images that are artistic, unique and visually stunning, sign up to MidJourney. It is slightly more expensive than other AI image generators, but the images are quality - literally.
  • Dall•E 2 - Dall•E 2 creates simple, natural looking images. Use Dall•E 2 if you want to take a more natural and authentic approach to your work.


  • In-Discord image generation
  • Enhance image quality
  • Alternative version creation
  • Alternative new grid creation


  • Generating interior designs for your home on Discord
  • Creating photorealistic character images on Discord
  • Generating architectural designs for your business on Discord

Insider Tips

  • Similar to Midjourney, you can also change the aspect ratio of your generated images, perfect if you need to create an image at a specific size.
  • You have 25 free image prompts per day. This does sounds like a lot, but take it from me you can get through these quite quickly! Slow down and really think about the prompts you are sharing with BlueWillow, make them as useful and efficient as possible.
  • If you’ve not used BlueWillow before, take full advantage of the ‘getting-started’ channel on Discord, you’ll be an AI pro in no time.

BlueWillow Pricing

Unlock access to all AI models at a reasonable fee, besides getting 2K images monthly!

Has Free Tier

Public Pricing

Enterprise Plan

Double Check Pricing

*Last Updated: Oct 24, 2023


Limited Credits

20 Images per day

50% Ad Revenue-Share

Basic Access

Basic Plan



20% off with Annual plan

2000 Images per month

Access to all AI Models

Pro Plus Plan



20% off with Annual

22500 Images per month

70% Ad Revenue-Share

BlueWillow Q&A

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