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Added: Apr 09, 2023

This AI Speech Enhancement software optimizes audio quality and clarity to make communication more effective and engaging.

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What does AI Coustics do?

ai|coustics is a speech technology company that offers AI Speech Enhancement technology with an optimized SDK library to improve audio quality and clarity. It is designed to increase speech intelligibility and reduce misunderstandings, making communication more effective and engaging.

According to the website, its HD-Speech real-time audio SDK library is optimized for low complexity, memory footprint, and minimum inference time, and is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Web, Android and iOS platforms. The Playground Page allows users to experience the transformative effects of AI Speech Enhancement in action. It may differentiate itself from competitors by providing an SDK library that is optimized for low complexity, memory footprint and minimum inference time.

We Love:

  • AI audio capabilities make dialogue crystal clear.
  • Artifact speech reduction enhances call quality.
  • Voice enhancer tools enable superior audio enhancements.

We Hate:

  • Despite impressive AI audio features, artifact speech can occasionally persist.
  • While voice enhancer works well, enabling audio enhancements can be complex.


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Our Verdict on AI Coustics

Compared Alternatives


  • Unveils a new horizon in audio quality with the artifact speech feature
  • Transforms sound experience with exceptional voice enhancer capabilities
  • Elevates sonic environment through unique audio enhancements
  • Reimagines sound interaction through innovative sound technologies
  • Leaps beyond ordinary with advanced audio augmentation features


  • Enhancing podcast audio quality with intelligent voice sharpening tools.
  • Utilizing artifact speech removal for clearer conference calls.
  • Amplifying game soundtracks and effects with AI-powered audio enhancements.

Insider Tips

AI Coustics Pricing

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*Last Updated: Nov 04, 2023


Limited Credits


NaN% off with Annual plan


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AI Coustics Q&A

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