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Added: May 18, 2023

Vidby automatically translates videos into 50+ languages and dialects in 1-2 minutes, faster than traditional translation agencies.

What does Vidby do?

Vidby is a video translation and dubbing service that claims to automatically translate videos into 50+ languages with a choice of dialects in just 1-2 minutes. It is a fully automated process with translation speed times faster than translation agencies. It allows users to upload videos or add a link to the site for fast and efficient translation.

Use cases for Vidby include content creators quickly translating their videos for a wider audience, marketers localizing their video content, and business owners expanding their business to international markets. Vidby may stand out from its competitors by offering a faster translation speed than translation agencies.

We Love:

  • Enhances global reach with 70+ language options.
  • Lightning-fast process, 1-minute video translated in 2 minutes.
  • Fully automated, ditching tedious bureaucracy of typical agencies.

We Hate:

  • Lack of support for complex dialects, e.g., translating English to Japanese.
  • Quality of translation may vary, especially in less common language pairs like German to English.


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Our Verdict on Vidby

Compared Alternatives


  • Translates and dubs videos into 70+ languages swiftly
  • Capable of handling Spanish to English and English to Spanish translations
  • Easily converts English to French and English to Japanese
  • Efficient in transforming German to English translations
  • Offers increased reach to global audiences with diverse dialects


  • Expanding businesses globally becomes a cinch with instant video translation.
  • Allows seamless conversion of educational or tutorial videos into multiple languages.
  • Facilitates multilingual film and series production with rapid, precise dubbing.

Insider Tips

Vidby Pricing

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Vidby Q&A

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