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Added: Jun 13, 2023

Synthesia is an AI video creation platform that enables users to quickly and easily create high-quality videos without any recording!

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What does Synthesia do?

Synthesia is a simple-to-use video creation platform with built-in AI avatars, AI voices, well-designed templates, and a video editor. You can create professional-looking videos for your business in minutes without needing to hire expensive actors or video recording equipment. We found this video creation platform incredibly easy to use and highly customizable, and the end results were really impressive. 

Synthesia is now used by over 50,000 companies of all sizes, including the BBC, Amazon, and Reuters, and we can see why. Its super lifelike AI avatars and voices are some of the best on the market. Paired with its affordable plan and intuitive interface, we can understand why it's the leader in this space.

We Love:

  • Super-realistic AI avatars and voices.
  • Create professional-looking videos thanks to its wide range of templates and customization options.
  • You don't need any camera equipment or video editing skills to use it.

We Hate:

  • You only get 10 minutes of generative video creation per month with the paid "Personal" plan.
  • No free plan or trial is offered.


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Our Verdict on Synthesia

We can see why Synthesia a top performing AI video generation platform, with its realistic AI avatars, diverse voices, and professional templates. Businesses of all sizes needing to create short, high-quality videos quickly and easily can benefit from this platform.

However, the 10 minutes worth of credits included in the "Personal" plan may be restrictive for those on a tight budget or who need to create much longer videos. Plus, even though AI avatars and voices are very impressive, they are not yet suitable for every type of content. 

Nonetheless, if you are looking for a low-cost, low-hassle, high-quality AI video generation platform, Synthesia is one of your best bets.

Compared Alternatives

  • DeepBrain AI - Create photo-realistic AI avatar videos in less than 10 minutes. All you need is a written script.
  • **Rephrase.ai - **Make professional-looking videos for your business using this text-to-video platform powered by generative AI.


  • AI Avatars: Over 140 diverse AI avatars are available for your videos. These avatars look and move with remarkable realism as they are based on video footage of actual actors. A wide range of age groups, races, and religions are represented among the avatars.
  • AI Voices: There are more than 120 realistic AI voices available to use, and new ones are regularly added. The latest, most-advanced text-to-speech technology is used to create a huge selection of voices available in different languages, accents, dialects, and styles.
  • Video Templates: Use over 60 pre-made, professionally designed video templates to create company videos in minutes. Fully customize your videos by adding brand logos, stock video clips, images, screen recordings, audio soundtracks, and more using the simple-to-use video editor.
  • Custom AI Avatars and Voices: Create your own AI avatars and voices that look and sound just like you. Keep in mind that the custom avatars and voices feature is a paid add-on, costing around $1000 per year on top of the standard subscription fee.


  • Educators can create educational materials in multiple languages quickly and easily with Synthesia, saving time and money.
  • Businesses can use Synthesia to create explainer videos, providing a cost-effective and faster alternative to recording an actual person.
  • Sales teams can use Synthesia to master the Challenger Sales Model and develop pricing strategies to help them achieve their business goals.

Insider Tips

  • To get the most out of Synthesia, you'll want to plan your videos in advance, meaning you should have a clear structure and script for your video. Use a conversational tone when writing your script, as this will come across as more relatable and natural to your audience, helping you connect with them better.
  • It's also a good idea to use high-quality images and video clips if you plan to import them into your video; this way, your video will stay looking professional. Remember, you only get video credits worth 10 minutes per month included in the "Personal" plan. So, careful planning will ensure you use them well by getting your videos right the first time around.

Synthesia Pricing

Benefit from AI Voices and Avatar for free, and unlock video creation with paid plans!

Has Free Tier

Public Pricing

Enterprise Plan

Double Check Pricing

*Last Updated: Nov 04, 2023


Limited Features / Credits

AI Voices

AI Avatar

AI Script Generator

Personal Monthy



0% off with Annual plan

10-mins video/month

AI Script Assistant

Personal Annual



25% off with Annual

12-mins video/month

AI Script Assistant

Synthesia Q&A

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