Steve AI Review: Our Insider Tips and Verdict [2023]

Create videos and animations quickly and easily with Steve.AI, featuring access to a library of templates, custom text, images, sound, and special effects.

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Added: Jun 13, 2023

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Steve AI Review: Our Insider Tips and Verdict [2023]

Create videos and animations quickly and easily with Steve.AI, featuring access to a library of templates, custom text, images, sound, and special effects.
Logo of Steve AI

Added: Jun 13, 2023

What does Steve AI do?

Steve.AI is an online video making software that claims to help anyone create videos and animations in seconds. Its features include:

  • The ability to create videos quickly and easily
  • Access to a library of pre-made templates
  • Personalizing videos with custom text, images, and sound
  • Adding special effects
  • Sharing videos directly to social media platforms

According to the website, this software is best for marketers, teachers, and animators who need to quickly create videos and animations. It differentiates itself from other software by providing users with access to a library of pre-made templates as well as the ability to customize videos with text, images, sound, and special effects.

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  • Create videos and animations quickly and easily with Steve.AI
  • Access a library of pre-made templates to get started quickly
  • Personalize videos with custom text, images, and sound
  • Add special effects to make videos stand out
  • Share videos directly to social media platforms with a single click


  • Marketers can use Steve.AI to quickly create promotional videos to share on social media, helping to engage potential customers.
  • Teachers can use Steve.AI to create educational videos to share with their students, helping to keep them engaged and informed.
  • Animators can use Steve.AI to quickly create animations for their projects, saving them time and effort.

Our Insider Tips


  • Create videos and animations in seconds with Steve.AI
  • Access library of pre-made templates to get started quickly
  • Personalize videos with custom text, images, and sound


  • Limited customization options compared to other software.
  • Inability to export videos in high resolution.


Our Verdict on Steve AI

Steve AI Pricing - Basic


Or purchase Yearly with 25% discount

This tool comes with a generous free tier. AllThingsAI always recommends trying before you buy

Steve AI is suitable for enterprise usage. Get in touch with the team for higher usage limits, better security options and other enterprise-grade features

Compare Alternatives

Logo of Descript
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Free Plan?
Yes ✅
No 🚫
  • Descript offers powerful collaborative tools for new media creators.
  • It features industry-leading accuracy and speed with powerful correction tools.
  • It enables users to quickly create clips for all social platforms using templates, subtitles, and more.
  • It allows users to capture, edit, and share screen/webcam recordings.
  • It offers a free plan with no credit card required, and paid plans starting at $12 per month.
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Logo of Synthesia
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  • AI Avatars: Over 140 diverse AI avatars are available for your videos. These avatars look and move with remarkable realism as they are based on video footage of actual actors. A wide range of age groups, races, and religions are represented among the avatars.
  • AI Voices: There are more than 120 realistic AI voices available to use, and new ones are regularly added. The latest, most-advanced text-to-speech technology is used to create a huge selection of voices available in different languages, accents, dialects, and styles.
  • Video Templates: Use over 60 pre-made, professionally designed video templates to create company videos in minutes. Fully customize your videos by adding brand logos, stock video clips, images, screen recordings, audio soundtracks, and more using the simple-to-use video editor.
  • Custom AI Avatars and Voices: Create your own AI avatars and voices that look and sound just like you. Keep in mind that the custom avatars and voices feature is a paid add-on, costing around $1000 per year on top of the standard subscription fee.
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  • Create videos with text, music, animations, and more effects with no video editing skills required.
  • Easily edit videos with a simple drag and drop interface.
  • Add music or sound effects to videos with the built-in library.
  • Enhance videos with special effects and animations.
  • Share videos with friends and family with a single click.
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Free Plan?
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No 🚫
  • Quickly create a talking heads video.
  • Clone your own voice with just two to eight minutes of audio.
  • Create 4K videos.
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Selected Steve AI Alternatives

Our editorial team have selected these specific alternatives to IngestAI

No alternatives selected - This is the only tool for the job!
From the Founders
Nile Frater

Director, Tool Name

A Message from the Founders

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