Skinive Review: Our Insider Tips and Verdict [2023]

Skinive is an AI-powered dermatology software that helps dermatologists and primary care professionals accurately diagnose and document skin conditions.

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Added: Feb 05, 2023

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Skinive Review: Our Insider Tips and Verdict [2023]

Skinive is an AI-powered dermatology software that helps dermatologists and primary care professionals accurately diagnose and document skin conditions.
Logo of Skinive

Added: Feb 05, 2023

What does Skinive do?

Skinive is a software tool for dermatologists and primary care professionals to accurately diagnose and document skin conditions. It offers AI-powered dermatology technology, regular Skinive screenings, AI-based realtime camera, and 3D Skin-map to take the best photos and document skin issues. According to the website, CE-Marked medical software is trusted by dermatologists and is used by people at home and in primary care. It claims to differentiate itself from other similar software competitors by providing smarter coaching solutions, improved diagnosis precision and documentation speed.

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  • AI-powered dermatology technology for Digital Health and Beauty IT-solutions
  • Regular Skinive screening to perform more meaningful skin self-exams
  • AI-based realtime camera to take the best photos, allowing to see & evaluate skin problems
  • 3D Skin-map to increase accuracy and improve the speed of documentation
  • CE-Marked medical software trusted by dermatologists and used by people at home and by professionals in primary care


  • Dermatologists can use Skinive's AI-powered technology to improve diagnosis precision and bring efficiency to their medical practice.
  • Primary care professionals can use Skinive's CE-Marked medical software to perform more meaningful skin self-exams.
  • Patients can use Skinive's 3D Skin-map to increase accuracy and improve the speed of documentation for their skin condition.

Our Insider Tips


  • AI-powered technology improves diagnosis precision and efficiency for dermatologists.
  • CE-Marked medical software enables more meaningful skin self-exams for primary care.
  • 3D Skin-map increases accuracy and speeds up documentation for patients.


  • AI-powered technology may not be suitable for all skin conditions.
  • CE-Marked medical software may not be available in all countries.


Our Verdict on Skinive

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