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Added: Jan 18, 2024

Chat with documents and PDFs.

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What does Sharly AI do?

Sharly AI Chat helps navigating complex content, simplifying and summarizing information 10x faster with AI chatbot. Sharly is the ultimate AI tool for document workflow, transforms the way users interact with documents and PDFs. Designed for professionals across various sectors, Sharly AI stands out with its unique ability to allow users to chat with documents and PDFs, offering an interactive, efficient, and intuitive way to analyze and extract information.

At its core, Sharly AI leverages the advanced capabilities of Generative AI, ensuring high accuracy and sophisticated information retrieval from a wide range of document types. It supports over 50 file formats and includes features like cross-document analysis and OCR for PDFs, making it highly versatile.

Customization is another key aspect of Sharly AI. Users can tailor the AI responses to suit their specific needs, choosing the tone and style of interaction. This feature makes it an excellent choice for professionals from different fields, ensuring that the tool aligns with their unique requirements.

In terms of security, Sharly AI prioritizes user data protection with robust encryption, data segregation, and audit logs. The platform adheres to a strict policy of not using user data for retraining its models, ensuring privacy and confidentiality.

Sharly AI is particularly beneficial for sectors like research, legal, project management, and content summarization. It enhances literature review processes, legal document analysis, project management efficiency, and offers succinct summarization of complex documents.

Users can start for free and explore the features before deciding to upgrade for more advanced functionalities.

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