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Added: Oct 26, 2023

Effortlessly save, find, and share online content with this Telegram bot. Enhances productivity and ensures privacy.

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What does SaveDay do?

Unveiling SaveDay, a fresh AI tool for simplified bookmarking and preservation of diverse digital content. Integrated with Telegram, SaveDay allows users to conveniently save web pages, articles, videos and the like. Its unique features include AI-guided search capabilities that help users swiftly retrieve and condense saved items. It also introduces conversational interactions with saved PDFs, enhancing organization and productivity.

SaveDay is resourceful to students, researchers, and entrepreneurs in amalgamating and accessing their information. It enables quick summarization of lengthy content, simplifying understanding and dissemination of intricate material.

SaveDay differs from competitors through its swift content-capturing ability. Unlike regular note-taking apps, SaveDay sidesteps the need to navigate numerous pages or folders, saving crucial time and heightening productivity. Its emphasis on AI-enhanced utility is its competitive advantage.

We Love:

  • Offers secure Telegram bot functionality for swift saving
  • Chrome extension ensures quick capturing of PDF highlights
  • Enhances productivity with seamless roadmap creation tools

We Hate:

  • Potential privacy concerns due to reliance on Telegram bots.
  • Limited functionality for non-premium users.


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Our Verdict on SaveDay

Compared Alternatives


  • Simplifies content saving from various sources like PDFs, images, videos.
  • Incorporates a quick search feature using color, keyword, date or language.
  • Offers concise summaries of lengthy articles for efficient comprehension.
  • Ensures user data security and confidentiality, no third-party sharing.
  • Accessibility across devices with Telegram or browser extensions.


  • Safeguard your Telegram chats by leveraging browser extensions for fast content saving.
  • Navigate product roadmaps with ease by summarizing lengthy docs into bite-sized insights.
  • Transform your PDF reading experience by highlighting and saving key points via a chrome add-on.

Insider Tips

SaveDay Pricing

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Enterprise Plan

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*Last Updated: Nov 04, 2023

No Free Tier


0% off with Annual plan

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SaveDay Q&A

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