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Added: Aug 29, 2023

Sell your writing prompts online without losing their unique essence.

What does PromptROI do?

PromptROI is redefining the landscape of prompt utilization. Leveraging AI-technology, this innovative platform is shifting the paradigm, allowing writers to vend their prompts without compromising their essence. It revolutionizes the process by maintaining the integrity and originality of the prompts whilst offering a user-friendly experience. Its distinguishing factor lies in the seamless merger of technology and creativity, providing writers a unique arena to showcase their prompts and engage with potential buyers. With features and use-cases yet to be unveiled, it's surely a game-changer in the industry.

We Love:

  • Revolutionizes content creation with AI assistance
  • Efficiently facilitates prompt transactions
  • Tailored for writers to maximize prompt value

We Hate:

  • Lack of speedmobi integration could limit device optimization.


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Our Verdict on PromptROI

Compared Alternatives


  • Transforms writing prompts into selling points
  • Helps safeguard original prompts from misuse
  • Offers an innovative method for prompt monetization
  • Revolutionizes the way prompts are used in the market
  • Provides a secure platform for writers to trade prompts


  • Enhancing creativity, this AI tool empowers authors to productively market their prompts.
  • For content creators, it's an innovative solution to retain the originality of their prompts.
  • The tool offers a new avenue for writers to monetize their creative prompts effectively.

Insider Tips

PromptROI Pricing

Has Free Tier

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Enterprise Plan

Double Check Pricing

*Last Updated: Oct 24, 2023


Limited Features / Credits




16% off with Annual plan

Super Users



16% off with Annual

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