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Added: Jun 13, 2023

Prompthunt is a creative AI art platform that enables users to create, explore, and share visuals with others from any device.

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What does Prompt Hunt do?

Prompthunt is a software that enables users to create, explore and share AI art. It offers a range of tools, including Stable Diffusion, DALL·E, and Midjourney, to create unique and creative visuals. Users can explore a wide range of AI art on the platform, and easily share it with others from any device. According to the website, the software claims to be a great tool for graphic designers, marketers and teachers. Graphic designers can use it to create visuals for their projects, marketers can use it to create eye-catching visuals for their campaigns, and teachers can use it to teach students about AI art. Prompthunt differentiates itself from similar software competitors by offering a range of AI art tools that make it easier to create and share visuals.

We Love:

  • Discover endless art possibilities via AI technology.
  • Easily share your AI-generated creations.
  • Ideal for exploring and innovating in digital art.

We Hate:

  • Limited relevance to 'danbooru' and 'paladin 5e' enthusiasts.


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Our Verdict on Prompt Hunt

Compared Alternatives


  • Transforms simple keywords into stunning visual art
  • Explore diverse art themes from fantasy to reality
  • Share your creative prowess with a global audience
  • No artistic experience needed, just your imagination
  • Take a mid-journey pause, review and tweak your artwork


  • Unleashing creativity in art-making via innovative AI technology.
  • Exploring novel digital avenues in art-sharing and collaboration.
  • Transforming everyday imagery into unique AI-driven masterpieces.

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Prompt Hunt Q&A

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