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Added: Jun 13, 2023

PicFinder.AI is an image generation tool that makes it easy to hop into making art.

What does PicFinder do?

There are seemingly countless AI art apps out there, but arguably few are as accessible as PicFinder.AI.

When you launch the web app you are met with a simple prompt box, encouraging you to dive right in. You type in at least five descriptive words, and then set the AI running. I went with “a picture of a dinosaur playing soccer against humans,” and within a few seconds, I was presented with dozens of images of mostly what I had hoped for - dinosaurs and humans in the game of their lives.

Images are laid out in a vertical set of pairs, but as you scroll down the page you’re presented with more and more variations. I tried to keep count, but as I went, PicFinder.AI just kept generating more and more pictures.

By default, images are presented in a square format using the AbsluteReality model. But clicking into the settings dropdown presents a batch of other aspect ratios and image models. I decided to try the 16:9 landscape ratio paired with the ReV Animated model, and the resulting pictures were certainly wider with a look that was more akin to an animated movie.

We Love:

  • Free.
  • Generates seemingly endless images.
  • Broadly good results.

We Hate:

  • PicFinder.AI is ad-supported and some of those marketing messages can get in the way of the user interface.
  • The underlying models are not as good as some other AI art generation tools.


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The PicFinder.AI makes it easy to get started.
The PicFinder.AI makes it easy to get started.
Images are laid out cleanly, though the page ads can be distracting.
Images are laid out cleanly, though the page ads can be distracting.
PicFinder.AI’s models can make for some interesting image quirks.
PicFinder.AI’s models can make for some interesting image quirks.

Our Verdict on PicFinder

The fact that PicFinder.AI is a free tool is a serious win for anyone looking to create AI art. Nonetheless, the ads on the website do tend to get in the way from time to time, and, anecdotally speaking, they seem to impact how long it takes for images to populate.

Despite this, there’s still a lot to like with PicFinder.AI. The fact that you can use it without having to sign up for an account is a natural plus, and the ease of getting started just makes it simple to try out.

Of course, if you need something more powerful, you’ll find it easily enough, but for those who just need something fast, PicFinder.AI is an easy recommendation.

Compared Alternatives

  • Dall-E 2 - a more advanced AI model designed to generate intricate visual content from textual prompts. Less user friendly but much better functionality.
  • Midjourney - one of the most advanced AI image generation tools. Not very user friendly, but great for experts.


  • Generate scores of images using a single prompt.
  • Create fresh picture formats via the Settings option.
  • Download watermark-free images.


  • Create unique illustrations for a blog post.
  • Generate graphics to share on social media.

Insider Tips

  • You can use PicFinder.AI without an account, but if you create one, you can favorite images and save them on the platform.
  • Hover over an image and you will see a leaf icon. Clicking this will then tell PicFinder.AI to generate a new batch of graphics based upon that picture.
  • Once you have an image in the prompt box, you can ask PicFinder.AI to generate a text prompt based on the graphic. You can copy this text and then the prompt over to another AI art tool.

PicFinder Pricing

Experience unlimited image generation and full aspect control at no cost!

Has Free Tier

Public Pricing

Enterprise Plan

Double Check Pricing

*Last Updated: Nov 04, 2023

Free Forever


Unlimited Image Generation

Full Aspect Ratio control

Select any AI model

NaN% off with Annual plan

NaN% off with Annual

PicFinder Q&A

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