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Added: Jun 13, 2023

PFPMaker lets you easily create perfect profile pictures for social media with hundreds of beautiful designs, custom uploads, and automatic background removal.

What does PFPMaker do?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve likely seen people with stylised profile pictures on social media. The culprit is PFPMaker, an AI avatar generator or “profile picture maker” per the abbreviation. The tool is straight-forward and lets you upload a picture of yourself for free, which can then have various backgrounds or effects applied.

We Love:

  • Over PFP 30 styles to choose from
  • Affordable pricing
  • Easy and straight-forward to use

We Hate:

  • Takes around 40 minutes to process your images, although this is the average time across competitor apps
  • Better for stylised images, look to competitors for professional or photorealistic PFPs or headshots


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Free Option
Free Option
Selecting Presets for the paid images
Selecting Presets for the paid images
Their API for developers
Their API for developers

Our Verdict on PFPMaker

PFPMaker is perhaps the biggest name in the AI profile picture and avatar generation market and it’s not hard to see why: Cheap prices, simple user experience and most importantly, fun and interesting results. If you’re looking for a casual Twitter profile pic, then this is the tool to use - but look elsewhere if you want a professional headshot for LinkedIn without paying professional prices.

Compared Alternatives

  • HeadshotPro - Use this if you want more photorealistic avatars which look like - you guessed it - professional headshots
  • PhotoAi.Com - Another professionally-orientated avatar generator, much better suited if you want full-body, posed shots or an avatar set in a particular background


  • Generate stylised AI profile picture images and avatars
  • Remove backgrounds and other elements from your avatar pictures
  • Create brand-new profile pictures from emojis
  • Create (somewhat) photo-realistic headshot images


  • Marketing professionals use PFP to create perfect profile pictures for their social media profiles, as it allows them to customize and download images for free.
  • HR professionals use PFP to create headshots for email signatures, resumes, and CVs, as it allows them to upload photos of themselves or custom images with up to 5mb file size.
  • Social media influencers use PFP to create profile pictures for their social media accounts, as it allows them to upload photos of themselves or custom images with a full headshot, and have the background removed.

Insider Tips

  • For the best results, don’t use an image with a busy background - The background remover can struggle with this
  • Try to avoid using an image with harsh lighting or heavy shadows - The AI can struggle to remove these and it can stop the resulting profile picture looking realistic

PFPMaker Pricing

Unlock spectacular 4K Image Resolution and 30 unique styles with their premium offers.

Has Free Tier

Public Pricing

Enterprise Plan

Double Check Pricing

*Last Updated: Nov 04, 2023

No Free Tier





0% off with Annual plan

120 AI Photos of You

512x512 Image




0% off with Annual

4k Image Resolution

30 Image Styles

PFPMaker Q&A

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