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Added: May 23, 2023

Mokker AI is an AI-powered tool that instantly replaces product backgrounds, giving you realistic product photos in no time!

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What does Mokker do?

Mokker AI is an AI-powered software tool that enables users to quickly and easily replace product backgrounds without the need for manual editing or photoshop. Users can upload a single product image and get professional results with realistic, AI-powered technology.

According to the website, features include the ability to instantly replace product backgrounds, upload a single product image and get professional product photos, free to use with no subscription required and fast and accurate results. Use cases include marketers creating realistic product images for online stores, photographers saving time and resources, and product designers showcasing their products in different settings. Mokker AI may differentiate itself from competitors by its ease of use, free no-subscription model and realistic results.

We Love:

  • Elevates product photography with professional backgrounds.
  • Empowers users with free background images for variation.
  • Aims for Photoshop-like results without the need for expertise.

We Hate:

  • Limited template variety may impact professional background quality.
  • Absence of a dedicated photoshop background feature can be restrictive.


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Our Verdict on Mokker

Compared Alternatives


  • Effortlessly upload a photo, get a professional background.
  • Plentiful free background images at your disposal.
  • Enhances product imagery with a realistic photography background.
  • Sidesteps the need for traditional photoshop background skills.
  • Ability to customize photo background perfect for any industry.


  • Enhance product photos by effortlessly removing and replacing backgrounds.
  • Craft visually engaging social media posts with high-quality, AI-generated imagery.
  • Boost online sales with professionally tailored images for marketing material.

Insider Tips

Mokker Pricing

Has Free Tier

Public Pricing

Enterprise Plan

Double Check Pricing

*Last Updated: Oct 24, 2023


Limited Credits




35% off with Annual plan




16% off with Annual

Mokker Q&A

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