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Added: Jun 13, 2023

Lindy Review: Our Insider Tips and Verdict [2023]

Lindy is an AI assistant that automates tedious tasks so busy professionals have more time, offering unique features like personalizing emails with the user’s voice.

What does Lindy do?

Lindy is an AI assistant that helps automate busy tasks such as calendar management, email drafting, and contract sending. According to the website, it can personalize emails with the user’s voice and learn from the inbox to surface the highest priority emails. It can join meetings and take notes, as well as update CRM based on meeting recordings. This could be useful for sales representatives to quickly and accurately update their CRM, HR managers to find common availabilities, and CEOs to quickly send personalized emails. It is a great tool for automating tedious tasks and may be beneficial for busy professionals who need more time. It differentiates itself from competitors by offering unique features such as personalizing emails with the user’s voice and automatically updating the CRM.

We Love:

  • Automates tedious tasks like calendar management & email drafting
  • Automatically surfaces the highest-priority emails for user
  • Joins meetings & takes notes, updating CRM based on recordings

We Hate:

  • Requires user to have a stable internet connection.
  • User must provide their voice for personalization.


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Our Verdict on Lindy



  • Automates calendar management and email drafting
  • Automatically surfaces the highest-priority emails
  • Personalizes emails with user's voice
  • Joins meetings and takes notes
  • Updates CRM based on meeting recordings


  • Sales representatives can use Lindy to quickly and accurately update their CRM based on meeting recordings, saving them time and ensuring accuracy.
  • HR managers can utilize Lindy to automate the process of finding common availabilities for job interviews, making the process easier and more efficient.
  • CEOs can benefit from Lindy's ability to draft emails for them, allowing them to quickly send personalized emails without having to spend time writing them.

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