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Added: Jun 13, 2023

Levity is an all-in-one, no-code workflow automation platform that allows businesses to delegate a range of tasks to artificial intelligence.

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What does Levity do?

Levity is an all-in-one, no-code workflow automation platform that allows businesses to delegate a range of tasks to artificial intelligence. Users can build their own AIs to automate repetitive digital tasks that are usually done manually. The setup only takes a few minutes, enabling individuals or businesses to transform certain aspects of their work from tedious to effortless.
Levity can be connected to over 5,000 apps through Zapier, Make, or API, allowing for seamless integration into your workflows. Upon testing, we found it takes the effort out of many mundane digital tasks, such as managing emails, while improving speed and accuracy.

We Love:

  • Great for companies swamped by incoming emails, customer feedback, or repetitive admin tasks.
  • Automatically process, sort, and label text, images, PDFs, and more.
  • Human-based live chat and call support are available if you have any issues.

We Hate:

  • Requires a Zapier or Make API integration to use all the blocks
  • The service is quite expensive, starting at $300 per month.


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Our Verdict on Levity

We think Levity is a handy tool that is suitable for virtually everyone, from individuals to large organizations, across all industries. It can automate many digital aspects of your business, helping you to organize, create, summarize, and more. 
Levity is a user-friendly platform with an intuitive design and layout, which allows almost anyone to experiment with automation for time and cost-saving benefits, leading to greater productivity.

Compared Alternatives

  • UiPath: An AI-powered automation platform that can understand and operate a wide range of end-to-end processes.
  • Automation Everywhere - Using generative AI and automation to empower each department in your enterprise to do more.


  • **Monitor your Inbox: **Users can automatically process, sort, and label emails. This feature allows you to do things such as identify and respond to interested leads quicker, as well as sort invoices, contracts, and other important documents. You can also set alerts for things like missed payments.
  • Social Listening: Integrating Levity with social media lets you use AI to listen to and analyze people's opinions about your brand. This helps you understand what your customers like and dislike, assess sentiment, identify trends, discover potential new audiences, and respond faster and smarter.
  • **Analyze Surveys: **Users can use AI to analyze survey responses and customer feedback to gain insights instantly and effortlessly. Levity can automatically categorize the feedback as positive, negative, or any way you desire, saving you the effort of manually sorting.
  • **Customer Insights: **Obtain qualitative data from interview transcripts, complaint forms, customer reviews, or comment sections on social media. Understand what your customers say about your product or service without manually reading and make more informed decisions for improvement.
  • **Auto-Tag Product Descriptions: **Great for e-commerce sites with many items for sale as you can avoid the time and effort of manually labeling product descriptions. You can automatically tag multiple features on new and existing store items, such as color, style, or pattern.


  • Sales teams can use Levity AI to quickly extract product specifications from online orders and generate personalized confirmation emails, increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Customer service teams can utilize Levity AI to classify incoming emails, send Slack notifications, and generate draft replies, improving response time and quality.
  • HR teams can use Levity AI to summarize lengthy job applications, classify them by topic, assign them to the correct agent, and generate draft replies, streamlining the recruitment process.

Insider Tips

  • Remember, you don't need to know how to code to use Levity. However, we found that if you have some programming knowledge, you can leverage it to utilize Levity better, integrate it with other tools, and truly optimize its functionality. 
  • For those on the fence or new to Levity, a free package is available, allowing you to try it before you pay for a subscription. Levity's pricing is based on usage, not the number of users, so take advantage of adding as many coworkers or friends to your account as you wish.

Levity Pricing

Get access to a massive 2000 Actions with the top-tier plan. Enterprise pricing abound!

Has Free Tier

Public Pricing

Enterprise Plan

Double Check Pricing

*Last Updated: Oct 24, 2023


Limited Credits

50 Actions

Unlimited AI Blocks

Access to all tools




20% off with Annual plan

500 Actions

Standard Support




20% off with Annual

2000 Actions

Priority Support

Levity Q&A

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