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Added: Mar 19, 2024

This software swiftly compiles and summarizes Reddit threads and comments for blog content.

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What does Lede do?

Lede lets you summarize any Reddit post — and comments — in seconds. Create incredible content for your blog, newsletter, or social media channels.

Blog posts

Reddit contains a wealth of information on niche topics. This is perfect for content creators who want to explore interesting ideas that their audience is already interested in.

With Lede, you can easily turn a conversation on Reddit into a blog post. You’ll still need to do some light editing and adjust the voice, but 80% of the work will automatically be done for you.


Redditors are constantly asking interesting, provocative questions about niche subjects. Lede can analyze a question and uses the replies to generate a coherent, interesting answer.

Using this format, you can create a niche Q&A article for your blog, or create engaging posts on social media.

News roundups

Do you write a weekly newsletter for your audience? Or maybe you’re doing a deep-dive on a particular story?

Unlike generic LLMs that have an “information cutoff” date, Lede uses Reddit data as its source, so it can analyze and summarize recent information.

In addition, you get the “reaction” to the news, based on the comments to a particular post.


ChatGPT is an amazing tool for conducting research. When you connect it with data from Reddit, it gets even better — you get access to information that base models don’t contain.

Our research tool is a great jumping-off point for all sorts of inquiries, whether you’re learning the basics on a particular subject or doing an in-depth analysis.

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