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Added: Jan 06, 2023

Ask any question about your data and get instant, insightful answers.

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What does Humata do?

Introducing Humata, an AI-powered tool designed to simplify complex data analysis processes. It uses ChatGPT to let you interact with your files, ask questions, and receive instant answers. With Humata, you can learn, summarize, and synthesize valuable insights from your data 100 times faster. Its cutting-edge technology helps automate the creation of new documents, making it an invaluable tool for generating insights for reports and papers. Security is top-notch, with encrypted cloud storage and stringent protocols. What sets Humata apart? Its ability to let you ask unlimited questions across multiple documents simultaneously, a feature that is bound to revolutionize data analysis.

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Our Verdict on Humata

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  • Streamlines data analysis, offering 100X faster results.
  • Summarizes complex research publications effortlessly.
  • Allows unlimited queries across multiple documents.
  • Securely stores documents in encrypted cloud storage.
  • Offers free access with a 60-page limit for different PDFs.


  • Streamline academic research by simplifying complex scientific publications with AI.
  • Enhance business intelligence by extracting valuable data insights from files instantly.
  • Boost productivity by generating detailed reports and papers based on file content.

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