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Added: Oct 24, 2023

Efficient software for exploring translation solutions.

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What does HIX Translate do?

Meet Hix AI translate, a digital Babel fish that deciphers and converts languages. Its standout feature is swift multiple language translation. Use it to traverse foreign e-commerce, decipher international menus, or handle multilingual customer service. What sets it apart? Word on the street is they're using next-gen machine learning for improved language understanding. Curious, right?

We Love:

  • Excels in translating English to Arabic, enhancing communication.
  • Adept at converting Japanese to English, aiding global interaction.
  • Proficient in English to Vietnamese translation, fostering understanding.

We Hate:

  • Limited language options restrict versatility.
  • Absence of homepage text hampers user guidance.


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Our Verdict on HIX Translate

Compared Alternatives


  • Excels in converting English to Arabic and vice versa efficiently
  • Top-notch English to Vietnamese translation capabilities
  • Seamless conversion of English text to Japanese
  • Efficiently translates Japanese content to English
  • Masterful translation between diverse languages with ease


  • Ideal for cross-language communication, seamlessly converting English to Arabic or vice versa.
  • Perfect tool for linguistic tasks, swiftly translating English to Vietnamese.
  • Excellently suited for East-West exchanges, adeptly translating between English and Japanese.

Insider Tips

HIX Translate Pricing

Their top-tier features truly justify the cost, offering peak value for money.

Has Free Tier

Public Pricing

Enterprise Plan

Double Check Pricing

*Last Updated: Nov 08, 2023


Limited Features / Credits




33% off with Annual plan




23% off with Annual

HIX Translate Q&A

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